Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Dec 2015 updates!

so many things i need to blog about, sampai tak tahu nak mula kat mana!

inshaAllah I will catch up on blogging starting today onwards

banyak sangat nak bercerita, antaranya about my new biz partners, celebrating awards untuk biz partners yag naik pangkat, Majlish Ulangtahun SHOM, our TLC annual dinner, pasal Safiyyah who is turning 2 years old in 2 weeks ad my 35 weeks pregnancy!


pengsan tengok banyak entry tertunggak kan

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kat social media memang usually I have daily updates hehehe

ok just leaving you with my latest photoshoot pic at Ramza Studio!
 hahaha that's another entry altogether heheh

in this pic i was 28 weeks preggy !


Monday, 30 November 2015


* sticky post until 30 November 2015


it's promo time!

rasanya dah lama sangat kak Isma tak buat PROMO untuk PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET kan?

ok here we go!

actually, ramai sangat yang Whatsapp dan tanya kenapa harga Premium Beautiful lain sikit dari tahun lepas?

allright dearies, please bear in mind, due to GST implementation, we had a re-alignment of prices. Jadi, memang ada sedikit kenaikan harga kat situ, tapi tak sampai pun 6% heheh

okay, kat sini, kak Isma akan update jugak HARGA TERBARU PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL UNTUK 2015!

Untuk harga retail Premium Beautiful Classic 2015
range harga ialah dari RM2,600 - RM2,800

Manakala untuk Premium Beautiful Elegance pulak
range harga ialah dari RM3,000- RM3,300

kenaikan harga daripada harga 2014 (sebelum  GST ) adalah sekitar RM100-RM150 sahaja ya

ok ok

so takde diskaun ke kak Isma?


apa plak takdeeee

kebetulan untuk bulan Oktober ni, kita ada promo dari company SHOM

CASH REBATE/ CASH BACK sebanyak RM150 untuk setiap pembelian Premium Beautiful - only valid untuk pembelian secara CASH/ CREDIT CARD!

and as usual, kak Isma akan berikan HARGA SPECIAL untuk pembelian secara CASH/CREDIT CARD!

Bayangkan lah, uols dapat HARGA SPECIAL dari kak Isma, which is already a discount dari harga retail kat atas tu, plus dapat cash back RM150 lagi!

nk tahu harga special? only via Whatsapp yerrr
Whatsapp kak Isma at 019-339 3340!

and of course, kak Isma akan berikan FREE GIFT PB WASH ( pencuci khas Premium Beautiful bernilai RM52) dan MYSTERY GIFT (depending on what is available at hand!)

wahhh exclusivenya Premium Beautiful Elegance!

 pilihan yg evergreen, Premium Beautiful Classic!
 dapatkan bendtuk badan HOURGLASS - dengan pemakaian secara konsisten selama 8 jam sehari, anda boleh dapat result yang KEKAL seawal 3 bulan!
dua variasi Premium Beautiful - masing-masing ada kelebihannya!
jangan lupa tanya kak Isma ye, yang mana lebih sesuai untuk bentuk badan anda!

Premium Beautiful Natural Wash - sesuai untuk menjaga exclusive lingerie and even to wash delicate items like your dryclean tudungs and sequined dresses!

ISMA 019-339 3340
and ask for October & November promotion!!!!


p/s: untuk pembelian secara ansuran, harga retail is applicable ya! but kak Isma tetap akan berikan FREE GIFT PB Wash :) 
please inquire, inshALLAH kita akan cuba accomodate semua client sama ada cash atau instalment!
as a rule of thumb , kak Isma akan ambil instalment minimum RM200 sebulan :)

separate pieces (long girdle sahaja, long bra sahaja, waist nipper sahaja atau short bra) - masih boleh !
let me know pieces yang mana uols nak, and also indicate sama ada uols dah pernah pakai PB corset sebelum ni (kalau boleh indicate jugak size sekarang)
inshaAllah, free gift and special price ada untuk uols yaaaa

Monday, 16 November 2015

Happy Birthday Kak Salha!



rezeki kali ini, we were invited to celebrate our mentor's birthday at Louis Vuitton , The Garden's Mall!

mind you, bukan calang-calang yang boleh buat private event dalam butik LV tauuu

nak sewa pun belum tentu dapat

bila I risik2 kat LV staff, katanya only clients yang spend ratus-ratus ribu je selalunya diberi peluang buat any event kat butik!

syukur, sebelum ni I sendiri bukan jenis yang biasa berbelanja mahal-mahal, apatah lagi yang berjenama macam Louis Vuitton ni

tiba-tiba , dapat pulak jemputan untuk ke private event meraikan birthday my dearest mentor and penaung our biz group Top Leaders Circle ni kan...

rasa beruntung sangat

kata orang, kalau nak jadi kaya, kena bergaul dengan orang-orang kaya :)

walaupun belum lah betul2 kaya macam millionaire - I am blessed to be surrounded by these humble rich people

kaya minda, dalaman dan luaran

seriously, sebelum ni, nak masuk butik2 mewah macam ni pun rasa seramm hahaha
boleh ke macam tu?

because I am not brought up oleh parents yang tahu pasal jenama2 mewah
kalau masuk pun, mesti tak tahu nak tanya apa hahahah

sebab keliling kita semuanya barang yang harga ribu-ribu, belas ribu malah ada yang ratus ribu!

but masa private event ni lah, dapat kenal sikit-sikit about Louis Vuitton, as a's quality it's prestige!

dapat touching-touching the expensive and very nice bagsss
tahu jenis2 bags

love the presentation made by the superb staff!
they did some LIMITED EDITION bag presentation, how to style the LV scarves , and LV Brooch!

heheheh they know we are suckers for tudungs and accessories too!

all in all, it's a very fun private event, we really enjoyed ourselves!
I learnt so much about Louis Vuitton as a brand, the types of bag available, prints etc from their experienced staff :)

tak payah dok buat research sendiri and stalk the bags online hhahah

in this biz, we are always thought to aim for something we want, and if it's an LV bag, we must make sure how much it is and make income at least 5-10 times from it!
barulah boleh beli!

contohnya, bag harga RM5,000... mesti buat income at least RM20,000 sebulan baru boleh beli!

so , know that what ever we buy in this biz, is definitely a reward for our monthly hard work hehehhe

Enjoy the pics!!!!

our birthday girl arrived in style! cantik sangatttt!!!!
 me with my beloved mentors ! love them to bits!
thanks for sticking with me all these years I've been in this biz!

amboihhh sume rambang mata tengok the LV goodies!

 these LV luggage trunks are worth RM50,000- 100,000 each!!!!

 us with our dream bags! inshaAllahhhh!!

the hi-tea courtesy of Louis Vuitton! sedap!!!!!!

our self made card ! creative tak?
with kak Lynn, who is also the owner of Sari Ratu Chain, and also Fateha, a preschool teacher from Johor who is now earning 5 figure income monthly (as her extra income!)

 heheheh us having fun!!!

 birthday cake cutting :)

hope you like the LV scarf as ur birthday pressie kak Salha!

till my next entry!


Monday, 19 October 2015

RENAULT FLUENCE MALAYSIA - a whole new driving experience!

*Sponsored post

assalamualaikum dear readers!

hehe harini entry yang lain sikit, coz I was invited to visit the RENAULT showroom and test drive a few of its models!

so today, I just wanna give my own personal review about the new RENAULT FLUENCE!

oklah, I am a girl kan, what do I know about cars?

I currently drive a Honda city (a small Japanese made sedan city car je) - so this RENAULT cars gave me a very different experieence!

of course, it's not as luxurious as a Merc or a Beemer (before Honda City, i used to drive a pre-owned Merc C-200 that my dad bought we I studied in the UK), but the continental car feel is there :)

Bila drive kereta ni, memang interior die nampak simple
no frills la
takde bombastik sangat

it serves the purpose of a spacious sedan car...
I love the ample leg room (especially untuk I yang agak tinggi ni...compared to Volkswagon car)

plus the leather finishing...
anddd ada auto cruise! (banyak plus point sbb Honda City takde auto cruise hahahah)
sesuai utk uols yang selalu drive long distance!

and ada aircond blower untuk passenger belakang takdelah panas kannn
(hahah ni pun sebab Honda City takde so my passengers always complain hahah)

* pics courtesey of

Boleh tahan jugak kan?
and mind you it's a 2.0L car, so performance wise memang at par dengan Japanese cars macam Mazda 3 and Honda Civic!

and die lagi murahhhhhhhh!!!!
price is starting from RM103,888 (without insurance) and now they came up with a plan where you get 1 year FREE INSTALMENT!

jimat almost RM15,000 tuuuu

double YEAY kan?


trully value for money!
and it comes with 5 inFLUENCE package of which you will get:

  • 5 years manufacturer warranty (unlimited mileage)
  • 5 years FREE MAINTENANCE for parts and labour (up to 100,000km)
  • Genuine parts
  • FREE PICK UP SERVICE (for every 10,000km of servicing) - super happy for this because I am so lazy to bring my car for service! tak payah cuti dahhhhh heheheh
  • Mobile solution - courtesy car available if your service or repair takes more than 48 hours to finish

so why not get your FREE TEST DRIVE TODAY!

Specifications of the Renault Fluence:

Engine: 2.0-litre 16-valve 140

Max Power: 143hp @ 6,000rpm

Max Torque: 195Nm @ 3,750rpm

Transmission: X-Tronic CVT

Fuel Consumption (combined): 13km/L (7.7L/100km)

Dimensions (wheelbase, length, width, height): 2702mm, 4618mm, 1809mm, 147

Safety features: ABS with EBD and emergency braking assist, six airbags, ESP, ISOFIX child seat mounts, driver’s seat belt alarm

Price: Starting from RM103,888.00 OTR without insurance 

Also in the same class (without insurance):

Honda Civic 2.0S: RM121,103.05

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G: RM107,353.98

Kia Cerato: RM117,680.00 (with insurance)

Hyundai Elantra: RM115,616.20

Mazda 3: RM121,105.30

Thursday, 8 October 2015


syukur kita masih bernafas harini kannn

tak kisah apa pun yang berlaku harini, just keep smiling!

okay harini just nak update about majlis penganugerahan Sales Manager dan Senior Sales Manager yang berlangsung pada 12 September 2015!

dalam bisnes bersama SHOM dan Top Leaders Circle ni, setiap pencapaian kita pasti diraikan dengan gilang gemilang!

rasanya waktu kak Isma bekerja dulu, memang jaranglah kita diraikan bila naik pangkat - selalunya terbalik pulak...kita yang kena "open table" dengan kawan-kawan office hehehehe

takpelah, belanja orang makan dikira sedekah kan...lebih berkat rezeki kitaaaa

cuma lebih seronok kalau ada some recognition kan?

that's what we get in this business
setiap achievement kita , akan diraikan

so this time around, kami meraikan usahawan TLC yang mencapai sales terkumpul sebanyak RM20,000 (berpangkat Sales Manager) dan RM60,000 (berpangkat Senior Sales Manager)


syukur, melalui bisnes ni ramai yang dah mula merasa income dari sekecil RM2,500 sehingga ke RM15,000 sebulan

ikut rezeki dan kerja keras masing-masing lah kan

ni semua duit extra yang mereka dapat, selain daripada gaji hakiki

memang sakan lah usahawan TLC celebrate !
kalah konvo masa dapat degree hehehe
dapat pulak flowers dari mentor masing-masing

and also sijil penghargaan dan pin pangkat masing-masing dari company SHOM

buat bisnes ni ; boleh jadi mudah dan boleh jadi susah
it depends on cara kita berfikir, cara kita handle cabaran, cara kita tengok ke depan untuk capai impian kita

coz, in the end, sama je buat biz ni dengan biz conventional
malah lebih senang

tak perlu fikir pasal product R&D
tak perlu nak fikir pasal cost warehousing
or new product development
and nak reward diri pun, company dah sediakan anugerah Tabung Kereta untuk yang terininkan kereta idaman masing-masing
ataupun insentif trip melancong ke seluruh dunia untuk uols yang suka melancong

tak perlu keluarkan duit sendiri pun... 


Enjoy the pic of our celebration!
and a special congrats to my biz partner from Mersing yang sangat kuat semangat - cik Izzan sebab dapat naik stage!
sejuk tangan Izzan tau...nervous katanya

Izzan berjaya habiskan sendiri 13 set Premium Beautiful corset dalam masa 2 bulan sahaja! sampai nak simpan sample pun tak ada!

agaknya memang betul kata orang - bila ilmu tu susah nak dapat, memang dihargai betul kan
kak Isma kagum dengan Izzan, walaupun jauh nun di ceruk Tenggaroh tu, betul2 buat biz dan hari-hari rujuk kak Isma thru Whatsapp dan calls!

Jarak bukan penghalang - tanya balik diri kita sama ada we are a serious taker or not?
ke sekadar nak hangat2 tahi ayam, sedangkan ramai betul orang yang dah berjaya dalam biz ni :)

 we are #PBAngels!

 macam-macam background PB  Angels ni, dari surirumah la, cikgu, chartered accountant, engineer sume ada!

tahniah IZZAN! Fly higher!!!

 with my direct mentor CDM Izyan Liyana and also our TLC Mastermind CDM Salha Zain
 seram sejuk naik amik sijil dan pin yer Izzan!
 ni kat luar dewan, temankan rakan kongsi tunggu giliran naik stage with other TLCians yg naik stage jugakkkkk!
lepas naik stage, amik gambar lagikkkk

big group picture!

alhamdulillah, Allah lorongkan berada dalam career path ni
flexi masa, flexi tenaga, but with STABLE INCOME!

till my next writings


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