Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Semua orang kena tau ke about my fabulous life?

Lately, I suka sangat baca blog orang...dunno, maybe sebab masa keje audit dulu, jangan kata blog, paper pun I tak baca...dunia tunggang terbalik pun I tak tahu..but now, in my current job, every now and then I will have time to read and browse the internet; so it seems like this is my own personal discovery! (terlambat sudah...tau :P)

So I decided to have a blog of my own, just to re-ignite my passion for writing...mule2 macam rasa "perlu ke? perlu ke sumeorang baca ape aku nak tulis?"...but since I've enjoyed reading what others wrote, I guess I might as well share just a small piece of my mind ;) Dulu I suka tulis notes dalam FB- whenever I'm sad, quarter life crisis, have some major things going on in my life (sebenarnye malas nak buat blog, so tulis laa dlm Notes hikhik) really does relieve the feelings you have inside...kengkadang rasa mcm u tahan2 nak "berr", pastu bile dapat luahkan thru writing, macam terhambur semua yang terpendam, and akhirnya rasa lega sangat hohohp... but a lot of things have been going on since I last wrote (which was almost a year ago!)

So here's to a new beginning, a new , hopefully happier and blessed life - post audit!

Note to self: Need to figure what shall I write in my next entry ;)

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