Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Things I enjoy - Dinner @ Dish Deli, Solaris Mont Kiara

Every now and then, I like to go and try new recently I decided to go and redeem my MilkADeal voucher at Dish Deli, Solaris Mont Kiara.

The voucher murah nak mati, RM18 for selected mains + fruit juice/ice lemon tea (of your choice) + kan?

Actually I dah beli lama dh voucher ni, baru ada masa nak I pegi ngan Min, sbb dh lama tak date2 ni...die pun asyik bz keje, and actually we're trying to see less of each other before plan2 nk kawin ni..mummy pun bising takde ikatan nk keluar2 selalu kan...

We ordered:

Me: Cottage pie (macam shepherd's pie- pIe ni tak pakai pie crust,substitute with mash potatoes) + pink guava juice + peache and almond crumble

Min: Roast chicken leg+ ice lemon tea +chocolate mousse w ice cream

(Sila rujuk gambar diatas untuk details)

All in all i give them 8/10 laaa....good wholesome English food, peach crumble to die for!! cottage pie pun sedap tp since i pakai PB, i mkn separuh je, min yang habiskan...the gravy for the chicken pun v nice...chocolate mousse tu kecik sikitlaa portion die (but bukan boleh makan banyak pun kan, muak)... ambience pun very the cozy..

Solaris pun senang nk parking sume..all in all an enjoyable night out :)


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