Friday, 6 May 2011

Things I enjoy - Movie: THOR with Girlfriendss

Every month, my employer will hold a lucky draw for movie last 2 weeks it was Source Code, this week is THOR... cara nak dapat senang saje, just reply to the email within stipulated time e.g anda hanya boleh reply hari rabu, pukul 5-5.30 saje and they will choose the 2nd, 4th email etc...and if you're picked , you will get 2 movie tix @ RM5 each! The catch is that if you dah dapat the screening before, you're not eligible for this week punye movie, and if you dapat ticket pastu tak pegi, u'll be banned...hahahaha

Hehe, and boy I was lucky this week! I got 2 tix,and I ajak Sarey to go with me...and since I ajak Pija untuk teman I berbuka semalam, I ajak dia tgk movie jugak...lucky I also have CIMB credit card where I can get free 1 ticket with minimum 1 ticket purchase...ehem, jadi ape lagi ajak Nynna juge...

Lunch time smalam terus beratur beli ticket for the 2 tau dapat get together , doing something you like, tapi keluar duit sikit je :P (hahaha, I sound so kedekut, but if you can save on things, why not?)

Pastu before the movie pg berbuka ngan Pija kat NANDO'S...yummm! tapi sebab puasa and pakai PB kot, rasa cam makan sikit je dah kenyang, so tak habis pun ...habiskan ayam je, sidelines tak larat nak habiskan...magic betul my appetite like shrinking now

Tunggu2 si minah Nynna lambat sangat so kitorg masuk mcm ala2 dh start la kan...and it's great!! The cinematography was superb, ada part2 lawak , Chris is super, uber HOTT and Natalie Portman comel je...kalau tgk 3D mesti lagi best...and eventho tak tau lansung movie ni pasal apa before watching it, the storyline is easy to follow and serious graphic die cantik sangat... I give this movie 8/10 heheh

Anddd to those yang minat sangat citer THOR ni and follow the comic, PLS TUNGGU AFTER THE CREDITTSSS! there is a short snippet/teaser scene for THE AVENGERS plak ;)

Overall had a great time yesterday, I'm super happy with my life now that when I look back at this time last year, I was a miserable , unhappy and sad and life is balanced, so you know, your life does not need to revolve around work for it to be meaningful ;)

Oh ya, cakap pasal movie tix, for those yang nak beli PB set on full cash/credit card from me  (yes, only ME!) will get 2 complimentary movie ticket of you choice at any GSC cinemas...that's totally on me tau, becoz i want my customer to have a great life like I do!

Ciao bella!

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