Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pleasures in my life: Weeklong of Birthday Dinners :P

Note:These are belated entries, coz a lot of events happened these past 2 weeks, I haven't had time to update! more to come peeps...

Nantikan entries:

1) Zara's wedding
2) my car got banged by a stupid motorcyclist
3) Premium Beautiful updates!!

It really feels like a self-promo here - but I celebrated my 28th birthday last 2 weeks...
Can't be bothered to hide my age anymore - well people do know that AGE is the only thing that goes up but never will come down again, rite?

Anyways, the truth is that I always feel cherished and blessed when it comes to my birthday, coz I was showered with well wishes by beloved frens, family and loved ones...which is enough for me coz I think I selalu rasa kekurangan kasih sayang kottt...LOLz

Well, a lot of things involving food happened last week:

1) Muhsin (my friend cum insurance agent) sent a hand delivered cake to me -YEAY! siapa nak order you can go to to cakesfreaks.blogspot k?

chocolate mousse cake

2) My colleague surprised me with choc chip ice-cream cake - YEAY!

birthday girl excited tgk ice cream cake :P

3) Had birthday dinner @ Jaa+Arlene's (Min's bestfriend) - they are so nice to cook a delicious birthday dinner for me - YEAY! hehehe we also ate the chocolate mousse cake...fantastic! Pun lupe nak amik gambar sbb asyik makan and layan their daughter Tiana ;)

4) Next day , went for dinner with my dearest friends: Fatin+Azhar (parents to be ;)) and Fiena (new mom) @ Ben's General Food Store , Bangsar Village 1 - Puan Fatin belanja setelah dapat bonus setahun fr CIMB hahahaha...thanks Fatin! The food there was really delicious! Must come again ;)
BIG lasagne + choice of salad

il carnivore pizza

5) Another birthday dinner with Pija+Awien@ TGIF, Wangsa Walk - OMG makan banyak gile, kenyang gile ok...sile lihat gambar ape yang kitorang melantak ...hahahah. BTW malu gile sbb they asked birthday girl to berdiri and say a few words and blow candle dr jauh ...hahaha, bersembur saliva kottttt LOLz

Pija asyik makan - tak perasan i amik gambar..hehe

pasta n burger that we shared

mocha n pineapple mousse courtesy of TGIF! (after embarrassing me suh tiup candle dr jauh)

muka 2 budak yang gebu +kenyang

6) Combined birthday dinner for me and Mooney @ Sushi King, Midvalley...with all of ex-PwC (excluding Nynna)...syok sangat borak, I forgot to take pictures heheh... the gurls also gave me the only present I got this year - a Tupperware lunch set that I always wanted...yelah sejak2 i tukar kerja ni, rajin plak nk bawak bekal for lunch - jimat + healthy (kadang2 takde healthy sangat

At last ...I get to formally say this...THAAAAANNNKKKKSSSS everyone!!!! from the thoughts and wishes kat FB, to the dinners and cakes...from the bottom of my heart...thank you so much!
You really made my birthday a special one...I've always preferred the thoughts and wishes rather than gifts anyway - shows that the person took effort to give you well wishes on your special day...presents are icing on the cake je...ada alhamdulillah, takde pun takpe ;)

Ciao Bella!

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