Monday, 13 June 2011

Premium Beautiful June 2011 promo! and the next travel package is Holland + Belgium y'all!!!

To those yang teringin sangat nak pakai Premium Beautiful corset, tapi rasa cam mahal or kurang bajet kan, now ada June promo for you all semua!!!

Applicable only for full cash/credit card ONLY - Dengan pembelian 2 sets of Premium Beautiful via full cash/credit card in a single receipt, you all boleh beli 3rd set ONLY for RM800 (set kecil) and RM920 (set besar)

Let's say you all ada 3 frens yang nak pakai PB kan, assuming sume pakai set besar = RM2,200 X 2 set (yang ni 2 set at full price) + RM920 = RM5,320 / 3 set = RM1,774.... you all jimat about RM426 per set tau..

Isshhhh, dah ada promo camni, ruginye if you guys tak take this chance nak pakai PB , ape kata pakat ngan your frens sume untuk take up this promo...


On another note, early this month, HAI-O dah announce that the next trip will be to HOLLAND+BELGIUM ! tak dapat pegi 2 European countries???..the qualifying period for the trip will be from June-Oct 2011, and the trip maybe will be in spring 2012!

Of course ada target untuk qualify for this trip - so sape2 yang nak sama2 fight pegi Holland + Belgium, mehla join this biz bulan June ni! Barulaa ada masa yang  more than enough untuk capai target tu...lagipun our leaders dah formulate a strategy for us to follow to get this trip, sape-saper yang nak tau pasal how this works/nak tau pasal biz PB ni, boleh contact me  @019-3393340 k..

For myself, alhamdulillah i dah penah pg Holland twice masa study2 dulu - memang best! Tapi blum ada peluang pegi Belgium lagi, just lalu je on the way to Holland... dulu masa pegi back -packing ikut student package to tour Europe and also the second time pegi shacking up with the gurls (6 of us in a small apartment)...tapi ni ada opportunity nak pegi 5 star package + VVIP treatment y'all! At least I will try my best to get it - if tak dapat, mmg panas hati laa but at least I get the additional income along the way kan..heheh...

The below are pics of Holland (from my own trip 6 years ago!- OMG I'm so olddddd) and Belgium (some courtesy of Google):

 (hmm rase cam kurusnye dulu- trying to get back to this soon!)

Postcard pic -Keukenhof

Giant klomp

cubic house @ Rotterdam

Miniature garden -Madurodam

Trying pastries - Den Haag

Keukenhof lagi

dan lagi....

gambar ngan windmill wajib laa...

SCENERIES OF BELGIUM (courtesy of Google)

SCENERIES OF HOLLAND (also courtesy of Google!)

So camne? teruja tak nak g Holland + Belgium - rumour has it that there will also be a stopover kat France and Dubai...hihihi

Again, those yang nak participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity, pls contact me @ 019-3393340...SMS pun boleh...or email me

ok tu je nak update for now..


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