Monday, 15 August 2011

Turun berat masa bulan puasa: Betul ke tipu?

Tak ramai yang tahu , but I used to be a frequent user of the gym...
Starting dengan California Fitness, which then change to Celebrity Fitness..
Mainly sebab dulu masa kat PwC, we get corporate rate.. I get to be a gym member just by paying about RM60 per month..tapi lepas change management to Celebrity, we don't get the corporate rate - so I stopped coz the membership rate is abt RM238 per month..tak tahulaa if dah harga lain now..

Siap ada personal trainer lagi.. how much I spent for that ? hmm..banyak jugaklaa
But I learnt a lot from my PT, abt the machines i should use, the kind of exercise if you're targeting certain areas, what you should eat  more and less etc

Well, frequenting a gym memang bleh lose weight OK, dun get me wrong
I'm not those people yang sanggup cakap ape je untuk sell their product
Walaupun I jual PB sekarang, memang I tak nafikan yang being a gym junkie boleh kurus and tone your body..when i join the gym, ada my colleague siap pernah datang jumpe I and tanya:

Colleague:" eh , u go to the gym ke"
Me: : " ya, why u saw me there issit"
Colleague:" no lah, I saw ur arms looked toned (kat bicep tu je) when u wore the long sleeve tshirt the other day"
Me: *dalam hati * LOL ---> happy !

Believe me, weight training + cardio memang boleh lose weight and tone your body k
that's why all Hollywood celebrities sume ada personal trainer, and workout 2 hour everyday

But , honestly, how many of us have the luxury of working out 2 hours everyday?
and how many pulak yang mampu nak ada personal trainer?

For me yang single ni pun, I usually do power walking once a week at the hiking trail @ FRIM
That means , kena sacrifice waktu tido pagi Sabtu/Ahad..
And weekdays maybe do some skipping, lunges, squats and some other Do-At-Home workout
Itupun sometimes I have to skip due to work/family/other commitments
I can't imagine those ppl yang dah berkahwin, ada suami and anak2 --> time is their enemy I guess

Eh I dah melalut pulak..LOL
The objective of my entry harini ialah - I remembered something that my personal trainer (Yuzie and Shaz) used to tell me:

# Jgn mudah suka bila berat badan turun di bulan puasa..takut MUSCLE yang mengecut bukannye FAT yg hilang..jgn mudah tertipu #

# Mana u nak, KURUS tapi FLABBY ke, or CURVY and TONED? If u nak yg first tu, u buatla diet tak makan nasik ke, tak makan terus ke, makan sayur je ke...insyaAllah boleh dapat KURUS tapi FLABBY tu #

kalo CURVY and TONED tu macam Kim Kardashian ni ;)

hehe...rasa nak gelak kan bile keluar statement2 camni? but, it is the truth..
sebab tu if you realized, kalo tak workout masa bulan puasa, nak start build ur muscle balik memang susah.. maknanya, memang berat yang turun tu, muscle laa

to those yang kata aku takde muscle pun? maknanya fat la yg hilang kan?
maaf ye cik adik/kakak/makcik - badan kita kalo lose weight, paling senang nk hilang ikut hierarchy yer:

a) air
b) muscle - sebab muscle lagi senang nk dibakar and turn to energy dari fat
c) barulah fat yer

kalo uols nk tahu, when I used to work out- my weight tak turun pun sangat, but I turun 1 dress size - coz I am leaner :P (sikitlaa hahaha)

So saje nak ingatkan anda semua, kalo ada yang turun berat banyak masa bulan puasa ni, good for u!
But, if you tak excercise, and teruskan food portioning lepas Ramadhan, I tell u, memang you can gain the weight u lose tu senang2 je...seminggu raya pun dah boleh tau

--> ni peringatan for myself juge, since I dah lose 2 kg in 2 weeks ms bulan puasa ni :P

Thus I'm listing some tips to control your appetite (bace tau...and amalkan k!)  :

‎7 Tips for Controlling Your Appetite

1-Don't skip meals. You should be eating three square meals a day, plus one snack, and spacing your meals throughout the day.

2-Drink tons of water. When you feel as if you're starving, pour yourself a huge glass of water or grab a bottle of seltzer.


4-Examine your hunger. The next time you feel hungry between meals, consider the last time you ate.

5-Think about what, besides eating, soothes you. Steer yourself toward positive feelings of self-worth and you'll choose activities and behaviors that inherently contradict self-loathing and self-destructiveness.

6-Don't panic. You can and will lose weight. Exercise is also crucial. Working out harder and more often will help burn the extra calories you might take in if you have a bad day.
(Note: for me, exercise mmg important. Do it, walaupun sedikit - take the stairs,park further (so u can walk ), mop satu rumah, buat seanaman ringan sambil tgk TV.. u can do a lot walaupun takde masa nk keluar pg gym or g jogging kat park :)

7-Do not beat yourself up! Sometimes we slip up, and that's okay — healthy living is not an all-or-nothing proposition.
8 - Wear Premium Beautiful corset to help you with your food portioning. It is a one time investment that you should use everyday. WHY?  It helps coz it acts like a mould for your . Bile makan rasa ketat tu..maknanya it's time to stop OK? Besides, die ada banyak lagi benefits in terms of health and boosting your confidence.
 --> Another tip that I find useful is that, we take 20 minutes to feel the food that we eat, so eat slowly...sbb tu if uols notice kadang2 masa makan tu especially buka puasa, kite rasa blum kenyang lagi, sebab kite makan cepat2 kan..pastu rasa perut terlampau penuh mcm nk burst after solat Maghrib. What I do is ambil sikit dulu and makan slowly..pastu pg solat maghrib... kalo lapar lagi then pastu makan sikit lagi :)

9 - Minum Nurich LactoLite. It's yogurt culture with inulin (in  powder form)  will help you to clean your intestines and help better detoxification. Also helps people with constipation and pembuangan sisa tak lawas etc. Especially bulan puasa ni kan kurang minum air, chances nk sembelit tu memang tinggi..(ni pengalaman i lah k)

Hi hi sempat iklan tu...bukan ape, I ni jenis yang, kalo produk tu tak bagus, I takkan bagi good review/ recommend kat orang tau..kite senyap2 dahla kan.. but this one, I know it works, coz I've been using it for almost 4 months now...
OKlah , need to go out for a while..
Oh ye, I nak buat review pasal this BB Cream and shampoo that I've been using...wait for it ya!

P/S: Contact ME kalo nk dapatkan PB corset according to your budget
Those yang nak tahu macam mana nak mulakan bisnes ni pun, boleh call/sms me @019-3393340 :)


  1. Bahasa rojak:-). boleh dibaiki ni. bagus panduan yang diberikan

  2. thanks for reading my blog and constructive comments! inshaAllah akan improve from time to time :)


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