Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gorgeous bride with Premium Beautiful :)

Congratulations to one of my earliest customer cum biz partner;
Puan Nurzaida Zainol Haris :)

Memang gorgeous bride kan?
Zaida ni nampak je kurus; tapi die aim nak "up" kan her assets for her wedding :)
but you know what?
besides "up"kan and enhance her assets,
she also got better posture, hilang period pain and got curvier figure!

Kalau dulu Zaida pakai baju , kosong je tang dada tu,
now she's so proud with her fuller figure, all at the right places *wink, wink*

That's why she approached me for this business
eventhough, kalau ikutkan, her salary and family memang lebih dari mampu and dah boleh hidup senang...
But she felt the difference with Premium Beautiful, and she wants to share it with other ladies out there!

Seronok sanggaaatt sebab die so happy and confident at her big day :)

So brides out there , u wanna look gorgeous, curvy and confident like Zaida?

Just contact me for FREE consultation and fitting of Premium Beautiful!!!!!

 Finally, I wanna wish to Zaida + Yasin a blessed and happy marriage sehingga ke akhir hayat :)
You look sooo pretty and gorgeous and we really enjoyed ur wedding reception from the food, ambience, favours, music, video ....basically EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!


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