Saturday, 24 September 2011

Women just LOVEEEE to look and feel BEAUTIFUL :)

lately I dah a few times try buat make-up kat beauty counters
pompuan , kalo nak cantik, semua pun sanggup
but occasionally, apa salahnya kan?

it all started dgn nk try-try MAC punye promotion

seronok jugak..u just need to purchase minimum 2 items, tak kira berapa harga

meh tengok hasilnyaaaa :)

with partners in crime - pija n awien ;)

OK, then, masa wedding Zaida pun rasa nak cantik sikit, so went to MAC (again!!) utk make's quite expensive jugak if make-up only (RM180) so we took the option to buy products worth RM250 to get free make up! at least dapat barang kan?

I bought a face brush dgn compact powder :)


they use yellow eyeshadow on me, plus a tint of turqouise at the corners of my eyes :)
tak nampak sangat dalam gambar, but a lot of ppl said it looked v pretty.. (hehe puji diri sendiri :P)

I LOVEEE the gel eyeliner and MAC pencil's a must try for all of u out there!

partner in crime: Nynna ;) - cantik make up Nynna they made smoky eyes on her using dark purple shades n pink!

 Last nite was SLB Nite , held at Crowne Plaza Mutiara...
so decided to try something new n pegi makeup kat Shu Uemura KLCC
murah je..RM70 for the make up service plus RM60 for a reusable fake lash (kalo pakai hari2 bleh tahan sebulan!)

Mula2 tu takut jugak nk try fake lashes, but actually takdelaa teruk sangat
u will look different and make ur eyes bigger
cuma mata rasa berat sketlaa

mari lihat hasilnya pula :)

they use combination of green shades for my eyes and SHU UEMURA fabulous liquid eyeliner!
must have for those with stable hands :)

nampak tak fake lashes?

btw all pic are not edited so pls bear the looks of my imperfect skin :(
make-up mcm mana pun, bekas jerawat is almost impossible nk hilang k..
unless u make up pengantin bedak 7 lapis tulaa hahaha

so u teenagers out there, dun pick ur pimples tau
the scar yg hitam2 tu akan hilang but u'll still have bekas kat kulit...

tapi alhamdulillah, these past 5 months, mmg jarang sekali I have acne, just small pimples occasionally ..
thanks to PB and Lactolite of course!

and also my trusted skincare, Kiehls!

oklaa tu je nk update

till laterssss


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