Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Secret life of NORA :)

best, best, best

tu jelah nak kata  :P

maybe I'm biased, coz  I SO LOOOOVEEEE MUSICALS!

Thanks to my partner in crime Cik Pija, yang siap dapatkan I 50% discount off the tix price, coz ada MAXIS promotion :) we bought the RM240 tix for RM120...duduk just a few rows belakang Sultan Pahang uolss :P


1) Lagu sume best :)

2) Adibah Noor and Tony Eusoff so lawak n sweet ;)

3) Pak Nil so cute laa lawak die - Nowwa, nowwa hehehe...(dalam musical ni die takle sebut huruf R  lols)

4) DS Tiara's body's so HOTTT...and she's not so young anymore tau...
   Sape nak berusaha dapat body camtu, contact I , I bagi free fitting Premium Beautifu kays :)

5) Dance moves sungguh sexxxayyy!

6) Siap ada magic and action stunts giteww

OK enjoy the piccasss!


Nak dapatkan free fitting or biz presentation on Premium Beautiful, call or SMS 019-3393340 (Isma)

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