Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Congrats CDM 2011, especially CDM Salha!

Yes, Hai- O ni dah almost 20 years tau ada kat Malaysia, and Premium Beautiful pun dah ada kat pasaran Malaysia – ramai orang terkejut bile I beritahu hehe, but that’s the fact peeps J
Company dah kukuh, nothing to worry about, but as a franchise manager, we need to be a good person, barulah ada repeat customers kedai kite  kan?
Anyways, the company anniversary was held to celebrate Crown Diamond Managers (CDM) for 2011 – CDM is the highest level in HAI-O marketing J
 Tahun ni je ada more than 30 new CDM all over Malaysia - and 22 CDM FROM OUR STOCKIST B32 :)
Paling special coz my own CDM, CDM Salha naik pentas kali ni – she became CDM in 18 months! Sape cakap impossible and makan masa bertahun-tahun nak make it in this biz?
Dress Kak Salha sangatlah FABBBBB...I LOVEEEEE!!! Make up pun FABBBBB ...
insyaAllah,my target is to become a CDM myself in 2012 !!!
Doakan ye, biar cepat sikit :P
Enjoy the pics from the event..
I rented a dress +tudung+kasut from Butik Kaseh – designed by Jedan …and my make up was also by Kak Zana from Butik Kaseh…ONLY RM80!!!!!
I thought I looked sweet and flawless in pictures, thanks to Kak Zana hehehe…
p/s: satu je yang upset masa event ni, my camera batt depleted*doink, doink* sedeyyyy L
so pics are from other members of Team Fabulosity J
group pic wif CDM Salha yang fabbb!

izyan wif kak salha

wani, izyan n me

group pic lagi

Team Fabulosity wif CDM Hanis

me n izyan


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