Saturday, 17 December 2011

JPO : Johor Premium Outlet

actually, I pegi JB aritu, besides nak meet customer and share peluang biz, memang berniat nak chekidaut JPO

tak tau JPO tu ape?
isk isk

ketinggalan keretapilaa uols ni

those shopaholics confirm tau kan apelaa menatang JPO ni...

cer click link ni..

basically it's a shopping haven for us Malaysians!!!!
to those yang pernah ke UK or US, this would be something familiar to you :)
kalo bebudak UK would be similar to Cheshire Oaks...
it's a factory outlet, where we can get branded items at discounted price!
it's just been officially lauched by our Prime Minister DS Najib on 11 Dec 2012 :)

kire memang this place mmg tengah hotlah sekarang!

ok, let's get back to my entry...
basics firsts:

senang sangatttt!
everyone uses PLUS highway from KL to JB rite?
take EXIT 253 (Senai Utara) and its right beside the highway...
you can see a big tower with JPO sign anyways..
insyaAllah you won't miss it...

for Singaporeans, it's nearer if you use 2nd link highway...coz it's quite near to Senai Airport and the new Iskandar Malaysia..
more on the directions to get there -

 paling penting kalo g shopping, mesti nak tau convenient tak the parking...and bape plak parking charges?

from what I can see, awal-awal ni parking memang FREEE!
but actually kat entrance memang ada palang where you have to get parking tickets, and ada Autopay station...
I guess in the future, memang akan ada parking charges laa kan..
but for the time being, enjoy the FREE PARKING!

In terms of parking space pulak...memang takde masalahlaa....banyak...
tengok gambar kat bawah ni...camnilaa parking space kat belah depan..
belakang ada lagi

ramai sangat orang, walaupun weekdays (hari Isnin)

view of the parking from 1st floor JPO

memang banyak uols
initially I thot it will be like A &B list brands aje
but highstreet brands pun ada -   on average the highstreet brands gives 30-50% discounts!

check out the stores listing here - JPO STORES LISTING

paling penting, posh restaurants ada, cafe ada, even food court and prayer room pun ada :)


on with the photos

watch out it might be a photo overload!
(hopefully  uols can bear with me ya !)

jom masuk JPO!

signboard ni dah nampak dari tepi highway lagi

bersemangat nak pegi round-round kat JPO :)

masuk from main entrance terus nampal Zegna :)
jangan risau siap ada Maybank kat sini

Asia brand Shanghai Tang pun ada, but small laa tak banyak choice 

view from main entrance - tengah tu escalator nak naik second floor
beside the escalator is Armani and Burberry -these 2 boutiques ada 2 floors :)

the display at Michael Kors :)
I love that clutch- but in silver metallic

 jom masuk Armani pulak!
there are some nice silk shirt and tops!
most are on 50-60% discout, e.g from RM1,999 to about RM1k

big Coach outlet here!

it takes up the space of 3 boutiques!

but I malas nak masuk coz line panjang sangat...semua orang pun masuk duduk kat dalam tu lama2 huhuh

some of the Coach displays

murah jugak kan, whole suit for RM1k...
cer teka what brand?


suke sangat coz my fav place to buy shirts will also open here!
I suke beli Raoul shirts sbb die ada safety button dekat boobies heheh
and Brooks Brothers shirts pun nice :)
it's opening soon tho...

Tommy Hilfiger opening on Jan 2012


those who loves accesories can also get something from EVITA PERONI

 ni kat WEAR+ WHEN ...sells accessories like sunnies and watches...
the one I'm trying on was GUCCI...30% discount makes it to about RM700
Malaysia brand - Pink Jambu
nice tops too!
Malaysian brand lagi- Royal Selangor

for comfy shoes - try GEOX!

these flats are like super cheap from RM600+ jadi RM200+ !!
and super duper cushiony and comfy :)
The Cosmetics Company store- belum open, I assume it's something like Sephora

Oroton pun ada

for classic simple designs, check out Braun Buffel- opening Jan 2012 :)
suke sangat the leather, so soft

Fidani chocolate boutique pun ada tau

another highstreet brand- Pedro...ramai sangat orang, tak sempat masuk

Nike and Padini pun ada :)
my boyfie macam dah naik sheikh dalam Nike...hehehe
boys will be boys

some pics inside Nike

dan lagiii!

some of the featured item in Nike

CLARKS! but not much choice when I browse through tho

ada jugak SKECHERS and PUMA :)
teenagers pun boleh shopping like craaaazy @ JPO 
(tapi menghabiskan duit mak bapak je la hahahah)

camwhoring in PUMA

featured item in PUMA
 I think it is quite cheap as compared to usual price 
Charles & Keith reductions
 SERIOUSLY!!!! memang the usual  heels will cost abt RM130+, now RM50-60!!
plus seriously still banyak choice...
memang murah
nice flats for RM40-50...
mana nak dapat babe...
 COTTON ON...pun banyak bargains...
even kids pun variety
normally COTTON ON pun memang not so expensive kan, but here lagiiiii reduce the price tau...
must go for those yang belum mampu nak shop A list stores
secretly, I memang suka sangat beli barang rumah and bedroom!
seriously heaven...
like really quality bedsheed with high threadcount (400 and above)
usual price (King size) is like RM1K +++ now only RM500! and it's jacquard sateen yang sangat lembut!
egyptian cotton pun ada...
nakk pengsan mati tengok harga and quality sangat...
rasa nak borong for my new house..
kena figure out the concept for each room, nanti baru datang memborong!

other highstreet brands; RIPCURL, G2000

surfers paradise; ROXY and QUICKSILVER!

ramaiiiinyeee orang walaupun weekdays!
orang Singapore datang by bus kots :P

for your little ones :)
PONEY pun ada...
beratur jgaklah nak masuk PONEY ni...
sume parents excited hehhe

tak sempat masuk sebab si boyfie sibukkk nak pegi Adidas

camwhoring depan Levi's :)

Levi's babe!

ni pun serious murah, and up to date design jugakkkk!
I am a demi+bold currvee :)
cons is that ramaiii sanggattt orangggg
beratur nak try jeans took like 20 mins kot...
but serious murah, coz normal Levi's is like RM200++, but kat sini is like RM119++

Timberland pun ada, but tak sempat masuk...coz sibuk nak usha kat Fossil :P

Esprit! yang ni I think macam dah banyak Esprit outlet kat KL, so lebih kurang tu jelaa

ni I tak sempat masuk...coz nowadays dah asyik pakai Premium Beautiful ,
so dah tak pakai normal lingerie..
but I still buy their panties coz cut.e and I like the seamless and lace ones
but ramai jugak yg bawak beg La Senza so I assume murah la kot...

serious la ramai...

OOOHHH NI FOSSIL ye kawan-kawan!
serious murah compared to normal price...bag is as low as RM300++
watches pun murah :)

kalo buat bag bisnes ok tak?
so lembut the leather

some of the many FOSSIL bags

LACOSTE....pun not bad, 
usual polo tee is RM400-500, here is RM200+ je I feel,
jeans tak banyak choice, sebab this outlet campur men , women and kids, so kurang choice

DKNY- quite ok, in terms of price reductions, 
but not many nice ones...
maybe die letak yang tak berapa laku kat sini?
coz all the nice cardys and silk shirts takde yang fancy sangat...
but on average 50% from normal price

GUESS - tak masuk, sebab dah tak minat sangat ..heheh
more on youngsters I feel
masa muda-muda dulu layanlah....
Calvin Klein - quite a lot of variety, tapi discounts not a lot..dalam 30-40%
but the yellow dress on display tu cantik kan?

this is the Armani top floor for Armani Exchange (still belum bukak lagi)
ground floor is for Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani :)
Burberry - it's big!
2 floors peeps... hamik ko..
some nice mens collection..tak sempat nak usha satu kedai haha

OK- cukup-cukuplah gambar tu kan...ada banyak lagi kedai yang I tak sempat nak feature kat sini..
coz I pegi pun just nak check out the place and how's the discount!

but seriously, memang I WILL COME BACK!
hopefully I can find a time yang suitable, and fingers crossed tak lah ramai gile sampai nak try on clothes takes >10 mins queue

next time must at least allocate half day; if not ONE DAY here
even my boyfriend pun duk raving about this outlet, saying that we should go again

those yang nak get married soon, bolehla dapatkan your hantaran kat sini
especially kalo uols memang dah lama verangan nak pakai designers kan :)
at least takdelah papa kedana sangat lepas kawin nanti ...

but seriously, nowadays I feel kalo takde RM1-2k tak syok laa nak shopping kat factory outlet...
macam tak bape boleh nak all out gitu
boleh ke?

that's the end of my entry...feel free to comment or ask further!

P/S: insyaAllah kalo bonus lebat lg bulan ni, mmg nk set aside some portion to go splurge kat JPO!
InsyaALLAH maybe we should organize a short trip to JB and Singapore for Team Fabulosity, before we go to Vietnam?



  1. kakak..ini sangat lah membuatkan air liur sy meleleh,HAHA

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  4. Ketinggalan zaman???? ouch...thats is shopping "heaven" laaah

  5. hi there Nessa - thanks for commenting :)
    apologies if you feel it's harsh, i'm blogging the way i speak to my frens ...
    plus i used "haven" in the context that it is a sanctuary, not paradise :)
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Kak Isma, beg fossil yg kak Isma pegang tuuuu, ad memang berangan nakk. How much???


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