Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Premium Beautiful by Team Fabulosity: Booth @ Perhimpunan Agung UMNO

busy betul for the past month...
just nak update on Team Fabulosity activities :)
I've blogged previously about our booth kat PWTC kan?
alaa cer click kat sini, mesti uols ingat punye...

we opened a booth at PAU for a week ...alhamdulillah, it's our first time and it went great!
there were thousands of people everyday, and syukur, we were exposed with different crowd than we used to...
some of the pics I took during our booth :)

fairuz and awien with our bunting :)

us on 1st day!

makan malam perhimpunan agung  - table with ketua puteri UMNO, Datuk Rosnah

wanie sempat bergambar dengan Jamal Abdillah lagi...

team pic on 2nd day!

green day! heheh

happy faces with A&W mascot!

sempat bergambar sambil promote Premium Beautiful :)

cantik tak?
thanks to fairuz !

walaupun penat seharian, but still bersemangat!

last day...RED theme!
thank you sangat to our FAV CDM Salha sebab turun and support our booth!

me with CDM Salha :)

ramai tau artis- Syanie pun ade

oooh we also give out FREE coffee!

alhamdulillah, memang bersemangat sangat Team Fabulosity ni...
and the team work is SUPEERRRRBBBB!
Congratulations to those who participated :)

I am so proud of you all;
lepas ni semua tengah busy follow up customers from the booth...
syukur sambutan memang menggalakkan...
jiran-jiran booth sebelah pun sume sporting sangat :)

after this booth, kitorang ada another booth at PETRONAS pulak ...will update on that soon!


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