Monday, 19 December 2011


Well actually I’ve always wanted to write something about friendship
Being a reserved person my whole life, it’s only natural for me not to have a lot of friends
Tipu!!!!!! I know a lot of you will say that
Acquaintances – yes maybe I do have a lot of those. People I cross paths with in the course of my life, from school, at work, from the clubs I used to join, from charity work that I love to do, from gym etc
But the lot of people that I can really pour my heart out to? 
The people that know me inside out?
Those who knew my habits, went to oh-so-many roadtrips with me, people who already see me through my fat , thin, pimply, skinny, “hitam” phase?
Really, those “sahabat” , my close inner circle, who sometimes know me better than my family – I only have a handful of those.
I was out of my family circle since I was in form 1 – when I entered secondary school at Sekolah Tun Fatimah, JB…it’s quite far away from home, so I started to be quite detached from my family since then. Not that my family is SOOO close anyways, but I was practically raised by my friends….or among my friends maybe a better word.
After 5 years in boarding school, I continued my A-levels at KMYS Lembah Beringin for 2 years, then straight to continue my degree in the UK at Lancaster University.
So, it’s like 10 years continuous years with my friends, with occasional holidays when I get to be with my family. In the most important phase in my life – teenage and early adulthood..
Now do you get what I mean when I say that I was raised by my friends?
Not that I have a bad family – my parents made sure that we grew up right, have the best level of education (dunia dan akhirat), made sure we were well fed and clothed and have a roof on our head…. We are naturally not so close emotionally, but the fact that I was always so distant from my family made me sometimes a stranger to my own family. Well, kinda like I don’t blend well with my family….always having different point of view in every issue…
Thus, my parents always say that “I cherish my friend more than family” – to some extent I do agree with them. Again, not because they are bad family, it’s just that they are not there when something important happened in my life… err do I make sense here?
Anyways, when I have a friend, I DO CHERISH THEM DEARLY.
Errr…but I do have a bad habit where I don’t really befriend everyone hahaha…do you guys have the same habits too?
To me friendship and relationship works the same way:
2 people may NOT have the same background, idealistic, interest – but they just clicked!
They care for each other
Made sure that the other does not go to the wrong path in life
Congratulates the other when they achieve something in life
Console when they are sad
Fight whenever we have a different point of view; but reconcile right after
Always, always think about the other party before themselves
I am happy to say that I do have those kind of people in my life; who have gone through thick and thin with and for me J Those people who will accompany me on Putrajaya cruise when I was going through a hard break-up, who can “ tahan “ all my tantrums when I’m being my annoying self.. know who you are…
Both in relationship and friendship, I am truly blessed with a good group of friends and boyfriend that made sure that I take my meals, took me to clinic and made sure I took my meds when I’m ill, always remind me to do my prayers and other ibadah, give me a full lecture when I start to go astray…
Thanks for always being there for me- I truly appreciate it J
And you do know that I will always be there for you, regardless if you need me or not…
HAHA – you will always have me to pester you around whenever I need company J
I do hope you guys have at least one true friend, if not many J
If you don’t, start looking, coz you’re missing out big time!
Coz that ONE, really makes a difference in your life ….

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