Saturday, 24 December 2011

Things I love - Volunteer at Program Klinik Kesihatan Rakyat (Taman Greenwood)

I've always loved to volunteer for charity events...bukan nak menunjuk-nunjuk, but it's one of my passion, to help others get better opportunities in life :)

plus it's a good way to muhasabah diri- a channel for us to be thankful for what we have, and when we achieve more in life, to give back to others...

anyways, this is an event organized by Puteri UMNO PDM Taman Greenwood, and it's held in front of my grandmother's house :) thanks Intan for organizing, and allowing me and my bestie Awien to partcipate !

basically, we work together with Klinik Kesihatan yang terdekat, to give basic health check for FREE to general public :)

sayangnya, the doctor in charge tak dapat datang, but luckily, the nurses semua memang very helpful :)

yelah, actually bukan their responsibility pun nak datang pagi-pagi hari Ahad, waktu orang bergolek-golek kat rumah, and datang buat health check-up untuk public... kalo dapat allowance pun berapa lah sangat... alhamdulillah, I tabik spring to these me sometimes jadi kakitangan awam ni, memang kesian, they are not earning much, motivation pun low, tapi rakyat memang expect a lot from them....bile kerajaan bagi gaji naik pun, sumeorang condemn government servant kan...

eh dah melalut plak...back to our topic

basic health check-up includes blood pressure check, BMI, check on your glucose level and other health issues consultations...
plus we give some goody bags and free breakfast to all participants :)
also, we have coloring contest for the kids, to keep them occupied while their parents get their free checkup!

here's some pics during the event :)

the organizing team :)

goody bags!



check darah n glucose

coloring contest

check blood pressure 

kemas2 venue

ushering the public to the rite station

ramai orang menunggu turn

the kids really enjoy the free pencil colour and jumpa kawan2

dedicated nurses

bertambah orang ramai - approx 80 ppl came for the check-up

budak2 and mak2 pun mengaler jugak

makan free breakfast!

kata-kata aluan from Intan

my granny pun nak jugak datang check hehe

me and Awien

bagi cenderahati

the whole team +nurses!

sempat bagi Premium Beautiful pamphlet kat those yang interested

awien :)
thanks to all yang participate!
to the committee, thumbs up! sume datang dari 7am and tak tidur siapkan venue and goody bags :)

oklaa...that's my update for now :)


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