Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Chilli Red Dress!

ok, so in this biz, we will be getting our awards once we reach every manager level ...

altho I've already at the Diamond Sales Manager level, but I missed my Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager awards held in June 2011, coz I had to go to Egypt for work assignment...

tsk tsk

but great news! walaupun I amik award ni lambat, but I get to take it along with my beloved biz partners, all around Malaysia :)

insyaAllah, more than 10 SM and SSM in Team Fabulosity yang akan naik pentas kali ni...

I will tell you more about the award in future entries ya
ni excited nak bercerita about my dress for the awards...

as usual, for Hai-O events, kena pakai corporate colours which is merah hitam :)

so last month kan ada Jakel year end sales, me and Awien pun pegilah menyentel kat Jakel kot -kot ada bargain kan....

at last setelah berjam-jam kat Jakel, we bought chilli red chiffon with satin silk lining and some black lace to add detail to our dress ...quite a bargain the chiffon was RM40 per meter ( I took 5 meters) and the lace was RM400 per meter (ni french lace with glitter, which I took half meter)

baik sangat assistants kat Jakel tu, siap recommend us a tailor sekali untuk buat dress

senang, cepat dan murah hahahahah

so yesterday we went to Kak Ita's place to tempah the dress lah

simple je, she rented an apartment for her 5 workers to jahit-jahit all the baju, and another apartment for customer consultation area..

FYI, Kak Ita used to be the seamstress for Radzuan Radziwill...heheh boleh laa tak dapat designer, tukang jahit designer pun jadilahhhh...

lupe nak amik gambar semalam, but I tried to lukis the design of my baju....basically macam nilahhhh

what do you guys think?
it's basically a red empire cut dress with black patch lace details...

oklah kan for my first dress :)

hopefully it will turn out ok...hehehe

so I googled empire cut dresses just in case you gals tak tau camne laa empire cut tu kan...

cantik kan?
it accentuates my pear-ish figure, tak nampak sangat bottom heavy :)


tu je update for today

oh rebate RM225 untuk pembelian 1 set Premium Beautiful secara cash dan credit card sampai 20 Januari 2012 sahaja k...

dah nak berakhir jangan ketinggalan!
contact me untuk tau macam mana uols boleh bayar serendah RM185 sebulan untuk 10 bulan dengan pembelian secara credit card :)


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