Friday, 6 January 2012

My Housewarming!!! + barbecue woohoo!

had some friends over for my housewarming +new year's barbecue on 1st Jan
sebelum tu dah buat tahlil and doa selamat dengam my mom's side of the family

alhamdulillah, hopefully selamat sejahteralah rumah I :)
tak banyak gambar pun, sebab semua Nynna yang tolong amikkan...

all the food were home-cooked tauuu
by me and my housemate Pija :)

BBQ CHICKEN - 2 types of marinade, BBQ sauce and rempah
Grilled sausage
Potato Salad
Caesar salad
Spaghetti bolognese with meatballs
Tuna cold pasta
Carrot cake with creamcheese frosting

overall memang terlebih-lebih makanan
yelah 10 ekor ayam tuuu
overbajet plak

like i said, gambar makanan takde...
but, from the guests feedback, luckily takde yang complaint :)

FYI, I  memang suka sangat masak
dulu masa kat UK, almost every week I masak for my frens...

Oklah, nak say thanks to orang-orang kuat housewarming ni:

1) my BF: thanks sangat tolong jagakan BBQ pit the whole nite...
2) my housemate, Pija: thanks tolong sekali memasak-masak
3) Awin and Nynna: thanks sebab tolong kemas-kemas

and to all my guests, thanks for your presence and for the gifts...

enjoy the pics!


Ain, Shahnaz with Fadzrin ,hubby and Ammar

group pics with the Warwickians :)

SLB gals with Nynna!

Family Wanie yg datang sambil celebrate birthday aunty Zai

Cik Aliaa and boyfie

Puan Zara yg preggers with hubby 

Azhar and Fatin with Adam

Awin ngan Aunty Zai

rumah yg belum furnishhhh

me wif Hanif

with Shahnaz and Ain

Fadzrin cute lil family ...
baby Adam yg macam Shin Chan dah aku tengok heheh

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