Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Teaser: Majlis Anugerah SM/SSM

belum sempat nak blog abt it, but here's some of the thousands photos we took!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Ramai yg PM and inbox tanya pasal promo Premium Beautiful 

+ Free box of Lactolite ada lg tak?

Well, it's back!

Plus u will also get RM600 discount and Free PB wash!

Booking starts now to 27 Feb 2012- Limited to first 10

 customers only!

Also get free PB wash when u purchase Premium Beautiful short bra :)

Book ur free consult and fitting with me now! It will be your best investment ever- with lifetime warranty :)

Call/SMS me Isma (019-3393340)


Premium Beautiful booster – Lactolite!

Ok before this I dah pernah blog about Lactolite

Yang belum baca - boleh click kat link ni k :)

Selalunya, customer mesti tanya I- I dah tau pasal Lactolite ni, tapi, macam mana die bantu kita untuk lose weight?

Maybe untuk those of you yang dah pun at ideal weight or ideal body shape tak bother pun pasal ni – but do you know, even with regular bowel movement (proses pembuangan sisa )-which is normally sehari ½ kali, sisa yang tinggal dalam usus kita (melekat pada dinding usus) is on average weigh about 3-5kg!

That’s depending on your eating habit ya…
I nak tegaskan kat sini ya- Lactolite is NOT A SLIMMING PRODUCT!

It is a tool to help you nurture probiotic and prebiotic in your stomach and intestines – bile ada bacteria baik dalam usus kita, die akan jadi bersih dan sihat :)

Since Lactolite ni yogurt culture- yang ada PROBIOTIK and PREBIOTIK, ia bukan je member bekalan bacteria baik dalam usus- malah ia ada makanan kepada bacteria baik , so that bacteria baik tu sentiasa ada dalam usus kita…

That’s why, once uols dah regular minum Lactolite, kalo skip satu/dua hari pun, masih ada kesannya…good bowel movement and perut lega je sentiasa …

Ok back to the main topic- macam mana Lactolite boleh membantu anda kurangkan berat badan?

1)      Ada PROBIOTIK and PREBIOTIK- explanation macam kat atas

2)      Once dah ada pro+prebiotik- die akan cleanse usu kita, including sisa-sisa lama yang melekat kat dinding usus tu! Sebab tu kalo yang mana dah try Lactolite mesti perasan- 1st time uols akan ke tandas banyak kali sikit ….plus sisa buangan akan lebih “busyuk” hehehe….lepas tu dah OK..

3)      So once dah clear dalam usus- tu yang boleh hilang terus 3-5kg!

4)      Once usus uols sihat, penyerapan makanan and penyingkiran toksin dalam badan akan lebih lancar – hence, segala yang tak elok uols makan tu, akan terus DIBUANG! Tu yang ada testimonial lepas minum Lactolite , kulit jadi bersih dan glowing :)

OK – so dah clear?

Hopefully more or less clearkan apa yang uols selalu PM I kat FB kan ? heheh

Ramai jugak yang inbox – boleh tak dapatkan free sample? And ada tak promo Lactolite lagi?

FYI, I tengah fikirkan promo yang sesuai utk uols, but to those yang tak sabar, boleh PM I dulu, and I will give you my best price ! InsyaAllah…

Yang nak free sample- it is limited, but I akan try accommodate as much as I can- siapa cepat dia dapat k ;)

Boleh add me in FB –Ismalina Ishak or email me ismalinaishak@gmail.com

Or SMS/call at 019-3393340…


Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy together : Celebrating Jan & Feb babies :)

Happy birthday darlingggggssss :)

A very warm and belated birthday to 4 of our celebrated babies this month....

Happy 29th y'alll!

Proud to say it, coz u guys don't look one bit like a 29 y.o hehehe

or , at least to my standard ...

had a great time with the gurls plus we have the newlyweds, Kech and Din...

so sweet la korang together, I envyyyyyy!

tgh honeymoon period + bercinta lepas kahwin - sure best sbb takde restriction :P

excessive PDA pun ok whatttt heheheh

fun filled dinner, reminiscing old days (yeah - we are THAT old!) - we laughed till we cried :)

again, I wish for the best of wishes to u guys, filled with rezeki and barakah, jodoh (to the singles!), and another fabulous year ahead !

Love u gals to bits!

The birthday gurls are:


Ain a.k.a Yana



enjoy the pics :) we celebrated at Monte's - food was good....hehehe
Prawn and snapper fillet

garlic butter fish

mushroom chicken

toasted garlg bagguette and prawn chowder

salmon steak

black pepper chicken

smoked duck spaghetti

my meal for the day: cajun chicken and iced lychee

home made red velvet cake - thanks SugarHigh Bakers!

it's me!!! - who else hahahaha

fadz and akmal

group pic outside Monte's

eyeing the RVC

me giving pressie to Ain :)

Awin giving pressie to Sya

Shahnaz giving pressie to Fadz

Ain giving pressie to Shahnaz

at the table- well fed and happy!

group pics lagi! 
last kopek


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

let's plan another gurlfrenss road trip!

just reminiscing the last time we had a bachelorette party + gurlfrenss roadtrip!

we had so much funnnnn!

check the video out - my gurlfrens are so cute :)

Gurlfrenss road trip- tribute to Fiena!

let's plan another one!

maybe somewhere over the sea pulak?


RM100,000 sales in a month - it's not impossible!

and I also got a symbolic watch for my achievement!

i've promised to update uols on my Jam Tangan award ceremony :)

it was last Saturday that we celebrated all together 31 Jam tangan achievers to mark Jan 2012 for B32 :)

Ramai kan?

I was impressed with the numbers myself!

Alhamdulillah, I was among the 31 outstanding achievers of RM100,000 group sales in a month

ramai sangat kat stokis, sampai takde tempat duduk, even kat lantai pun!

memang sah laa...jam tangan Madam Lam ni memang berpuaka hahahah

I'll just take you guys through the event via these pics ya :) ENJOYYY!

and many thanks to those who SMS-ed, PM-ed and wished congrats on my achievement...

I'm grateful and touched with your support!

and again, thanks to my Team Fabulosity for your endless dedication and support :)

I love you guys with all my heart


receiving my watch from multi-millionaire Kak Ana herself :)

pic with my mentor CDM Salha and Kak Ana

Jam tangan achievers from CDM Salha's group

even guys pun dapat jam tau - from sales of Premium Beautiful alone!

group pics again!

me with DDM Izyan - the hand that brought me into this biz!
together with Izyan's group

with my bestie cum biz partner Awien!
the next jam qualifier nih

with sidelines yg sangat besh - Jie and Ket...
eventho sidelines, we are happy together as one family :)

with Kak Salha the vogue the vass hehehe

interested in starting your own online biz with income range 5-10k monthly?
call/SMS me at 019-3393340 :)

Teaser: My JAM TANGAN award :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jan 2012 – Starting the new year with a string of achievements!

Assalamualaikum all!

I know I haven’t been diligent in updating my blog – so sorry!

Been busy with my usual office work and also with my Premium Beautiful biz :)

No matter how you choose to live your life, everyone have their own responsibility to fulfill…

In office, I’m still busy preparing for the 2011 audit with my team, plus still continuing the normal month end closing tasks and ad hoc issues

In Premium Beautiful biz , I have my responsibility to my biz partners- grooming them , coaching them the essentials so that they can get what I get, and achieve what I achieve in this biz….being a motivator, friend and a good leader…

And not just that, I need to be a good biz partner for my leaders – updating them on Team Fabulosity’s performance on monthly basis, updating and devising strategies for EACH ONE OF TEAM FABULOSITY TEAM MEMBERS! And  also continuously learning from my leaders, going to biz classes and also building my own network :)

Sounds hectic huh?

But I’m loving every bit of it! Sure, it maybe stressful at times, but the satisfaction is incomparable!

Being  a CEO of your own enterprise is not an easy task, but the little bits of hiccups, issues and rejections are the essence of making you a good person, leader and entrepreneur !

No one made it to the top without stumbling along the way!

InsyaAllah dengan hati yang ikhlas, usaha yang istiqamah , bimbingan khas dari orang-orang yang berjaya dan gerak kerja yang sistematik dan beretika – anda pun boleh berjaya !

I am very thankful to ALLAH that I am able to mark the beginning of 2012 with positive vibe :)

Alhamdulillah, the end of January 2012 marks the end of Vietnam trip qualifying period…. And I have qualified my Vietnam ticket!

Alhamdulillah juga, this will be my first trip with HAI-O , and paling special, first trip ni I dapat sama-sama pergi dengan my biz partners :)

Walaupun bermula dengan trip kecil – yelah I’m sure ramai je yang akan cakap, eleh, setakat Vietnam je, sibuk nak gebang-gebang kat blog …tapi, syukur sangat, dapat pergi lagi sekali ke Vietnam, trip FREE OF CHARGE, 5 STAR AND VVIP bersama 2 lagi rakan kongsi ….

Yelah, sape nak bagi FREE TRIP KAN?

And also, this month marks my own personal  AND  group achievement of RM100,000 SALES IN ONE MONTH!

If ada yang follow my blog, mesti dah tau, yang kalau dapat achievement of RM100,000 sales sebulan, stockis B32 akan give a reward of JAM TANGAN, simbolik untuk your achievement :)

Syukur tak terhingga…

Tak tau nak cakap macam mana, sebab I pun tak boleh bayangkan I dapat semua ni masa I mula-mula join biz ni tahun lepas….

Masa tu, memang rasa macam- alaaaahhh asal dapat jual 10 set and dapat balik modal cukupla…

Diam tak diam, modal I pun dah dapat balik and dah pun merasa income yang semakin naik dari bulan ke bulan…. And sekarang I dah pun berada di pangkat ke-3 dalam biz ni which is Diamond Sales Manager (DSM)…lagi 2 pangkat je nak sampai CDM :)

And I pun dapat share peluang ni kepada my biz partners and diorang pun dah merasa income hebat dari berbisnes Premium Beautiful ni …..plus the fun of meeting other women yang nak perubahan fizikal, kesihatan dan keyakinan!

Dikesempatan ni, I nak ucapkan TERIMA KASIH !!!!!!! to ALLL MY BIZ PARTNERS a.k.a TEAM FABULOSITY!

and also to my beloved leaders; DDM Izyan Liyana and CDM Salha...

Sebab, kalo takde uols yang percayakan I, memang I takkan berada di tahap ni :)

InsyaAllah, I akan terus buat yang terbaik untuk Team Fabulosity!

I akan pegang semua rakan kongsi I, selagi uols nak buat, I takkan tinggalkan uols k !

Ada banyak nak update lagi, pasal next trip to Guangzhou, Majlis anugerah SM & SSM, more Premium Beautiful promo and much, much more!

Till then, CIAO BELLA!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


OK, quick one!

get your Premium Beautiful set NOW!

only from now to 3 Feb 2012 (12 midnite) ; I'll be giving out FREE 1 box of LACTOLITE + 1 PB wash (total worth RM200)

for selected customers- you get to upgrade the Lactolite to Smart tag :)

plus you will also get RM225 cash rebate :)


Dun miss it!

Contact me @ 019-339 3340 now!


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