Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy together : Celebrating Jan & Feb babies :)

Happy birthday darlingggggssss :)

A very warm and belated birthday to 4 of our celebrated babies this month....

Happy 29th y'alll!

Proud to say it, coz u guys don't look one bit like a 29 y.o hehehe

or , at least to my standard ...

had a great time with the gurls plus we have the newlyweds, Kech and Din...

so sweet la korang together, I envyyyyyy!

tgh honeymoon period + bercinta lepas kahwin - sure best sbb takde restriction :P

excessive PDA pun ok whatttt heheheh

fun filled dinner, reminiscing old days (yeah - we are THAT old!) - we laughed till we cried :)

again, I wish for the best of wishes to u guys, filled with rezeki and barakah, jodoh (to the singles!), and another fabulous year ahead !

Love u gals to bits!

The birthday gurls are:


Ain a.k.a Yana



enjoy the pics :) we celebrated at Monte's - food was good....hehehe
Prawn and snapper fillet

garlic butter fish

mushroom chicken

toasted garlg bagguette and prawn chowder

salmon steak

black pepper chicken

smoked duck spaghetti

my meal for the day: cajun chicken and iced lychee

home made red velvet cake - thanks SugarHigh Bakers!

it's me!!! - who else hahahaha

fadz and akmal

group pic outside Monte's

eyeing the RVC

me giving pressie to Ain :)

Awin giving pressie to Sya

Shahnaz giving pressie to Fadz

Ain giving pressie to Shahnaz

at the table- well fed and happy!

group pics lagi! 
last kopek


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