Wednesday, 15 February 2012

RM100,000 sales in a month - it's not impossible!

and I also got a symbolic watch for my achievement!

i've promised to update uols on my Jam Tangan award ceremony :)

it was last Saturday that we celebrated all together 31 Jam tangan achievers to mark Jan 2012 for B32 :)

Ramai kan?

I was impressed with the numbers myself!

Alhamdulillah, I was among the 31 outstanding achievers of RM100,000 group sales in a month

ramai sangat kat stokis, sampai takde tempat duduk, even kat lantai pun!

memang sah laa...jam tangan Madam Lam ni memang berpuaka hahahah

I'll just take you guys through the event via these pics ya :) ENJOYYY!

and many thanks to those who SMS-ed, PM-ed and wished congrats on my achievement...

I'm grateful and touched with your support!

and again, thanks to my Team Fabulosity for your endless dedication and support :)

I love you guys with all my heart


receiving my watch from multi-millionaire Kak Ana herself :)

pic with my mentor CDM Salha and Kak Ana

Jam tangan achievers from CDM Salha's group

even guys pun dapat jam tau - from sales of Premium Beautiful alone!

group pics again!

me with DDM Izyan - the hand that brought me into this biz!
together with Izyan's group

with my bestie cum biz partner Awien!
the next jam qualifier nih

with sidelines yg sangat besh - Jie and Ket...
eventho sidelines, we are happy together as one family :)

with Kak Salha the vogue the vass hehehe

interested in starting your own online biz with income range 5-10k monthly?
call/SMS me at 019-3393340 :)

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