Thursday, 15 March 2012

From zero to infinity!

Imagine you are just above zero in life – no career, no life, limited resources in terms of money, friends and assets, barely any  self confidence…

Would you ever think, in a short period of time ; you would achieve financial freedom, have fabulous lifestyle,boosting self confidence, great group of friends, accomplished career with great team of people working with you and time freedom?

That’s what my great leader CDM HANIS HAIZI has achieved in less than 2 year venturing into Premium Beautiful biz!

Now embarking on her 3rd year with Hai-O, Hanis is the shining star of our stockist, always upgrading her results upon each milestone J

Being a new CDM herself, she has also groomed the 4 CDMs under her wing as of current, and many more in the horizon!

Being a good leader means you have to groom and coach your apprentice to be as successful as you are; which not a small task to accomplish

Our group has been expanding and our latest accomplishment being 100 + (equivalent to 1 flight) of qualifiers to the Vietnam trip – we’re going this Sunday weehoooo!!!!!

We work hard together, and made sure everyone enjoy and reap the rewards together too J

And last night, as an honour to our group’s success, CDM Hanis has been invited to be a speaker at the coming DIAMOND NIGHT – A Night to celebrate the shining Diamonds in Hai-O….which is held only once a year …

Out of the hundreds CDMs in Malaysia,  Hanis has been picked, which I believe is due to her determination, perseverance, confidence, accomplishment and result!

Congratulations again to CDM Hanis- MAKE US PROUD!
 At 28, your are YOUNG, RICH and FABULOUS!

Can’t wait for the Diamond Night on 21 April 2012 – at MIECC J
Yours truly will also grace the stage to take my Diamond Sales Manager pin J

Wanna have a successful biz empire of your own?
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