Thursday, 5 April 2012


Bila jumpa kawan lama, ramai yang mention – wah, Sem ko dah lain sekarang…tak macam dulu…

Memang tak dinafikan, banyak perubahan yang berlaku with myself dalam setahun dua ni
The world evolves, so why do we have to be static?

Admit it, siapa yang sukakan perubahan?

Kebanyakan orang suka berada dalam comfort zone, semua benda within expectation – no change

Change is when we have to do something beyond our comfort zone – challenging ourselves  to do something more than what we think we could!

To those yang dah lama kenal I – memang korang tahu aku memang seorang yang ada opinion sendiri, dan kalo boleh nak berpegang pada prinsip hidup sendiri …seorang yang reserved, and keeping her close friend close, and keeping her life private …and susah sangat nak berkawan dengan orang baru…

There was also a time when I don’t really believe that I need to get married to be happy, that I don’t need to be in love with my future husband, and I really don’t like kids to be around me…

To be honest- all these have changed 180 degrees for me now!

Slowly I have become more extrovert, and more comfortable socializing and networking with people..

As for keeping my life private – I try to as much as I can ! Publishing only the parts of my life that I feel comfortable to share with others; and abt my biz activities and also some of the personal activities ….I do believe that my current/ future biz partners and customers need to have a channel to know me on a personal level so that they can develop trust when dealing with me J

But still, there’s still a lot of things in my life that I keep to myself J

And now, I do want to get married, I really want  children of my own…and I really want to be married to the man I love!

Bagus ke semua perubahan ni? Kenapa nak sangat berubah?

I believe people change based on the story of their life – change is part of how you mature
Seronok ke hidup yang stagnant and predictable?

Don’t think so…

Not all changes are positive ones – but believe me, if someone changes negatively, it will be a life lesson that he/she will never forget ; EVER!

Plus it will make them a much better person in turn J

Uols pun takut nak berubah? Takut dengan outcome nya selepas perubahan tu?
Siapa yang tak nervous and takut dengan future outcome tu memanglah PELIK!

My advice to YOU  – take a CALCULATED RISK!
Assess the cost and benefits; and follow your instinct…

If you are naturally not a risk taker; BUATLAH ISTIKHARAH – Turn to ALLAH always; when in doubt J
Don’t just play safe all the time, take that leap, make your life colourful!
e.g Do that bungee jump (although I promised myself I would never do it eventho  someone paid me 1 million!) – but you’ll never know, the new me might just take up bungee….weeee!

Abt the future outcome tu; just remember – NOTHING IS CERTAIN IN LIFE!
Walau macam mana pun kita prepare for something; not everything will turn out as we want it to be
Nak tanya uols, once kite nak berubah kan; mesti kita akan fikir perkara yang BURUK yang boleh terjadi kalo kite buat bende tu…

Jarang sangat kite fikir perkara BAIK yang boleh berlaku in the future kan?
Actually, to be FAIR to yourself, kena balancekan assessment kita; BAIK dan BURUK …

Macam dulu, bile nak berhenti dari my old job, ramai sangat yang cakap, alaaah, kerja commercial lagi teruklah, your career progression will not be as fast as in audit lah, macam2 lah..

Masa tu memang takut sangat nak resign, sebab takut dengan apa yang akan jadi if things does not work out dengan new job…

But what pushed me to still go through with it?
My own WILL!
Nothing is stronger that your own WILL!
I said to myself, I will try this, and change – and I said to myself, I will try anything TO MAKE MYSELF A POSITIVE AND HAPPIER PERSON!

You won't know your potential unless YOU TRY!


Don’t get sucked into your everyday routine; take a breather- think about what will make you a HAPPIER person (for you, and the people close to you)…. And CHANGE!

It will not be a comfortable journey at first (surely it will be filled with dugaan dan cabaran)– but trust me, it will be a REWARDING one!

How everyone change may differ ; spare the snide comments and just support and remind each other…that’s what friends are for J
The changes I made may be totally different from yours; that’s what makes each individual UNIQUE!


P/S:NEVER SAY NEVER- cute kan Justin Bieber and anak Will Smith masa ni J

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  1. Sangat suke this entry.. Semarque yang aku kenal dulu mmg dah berubah 180degree. AKu still ingat ko cakap ko x suke budak2 dan x suke lelaki dan x akan kawen.. ALhamdulillah, semua tu dah berubah, and ko lagi happy sekarang kan, HE knows BEST..


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