Monday, 14 May 2012

apple, pear = ?

short update :)
just nak share how you can know what body shape are u...

really, tak semestinya body hourglass je yang cantik...
badan kite dipengaruhi faktor genetic jugak - kalo dah genetically petite, camne nk ubah part tu kan?
sama jugak, kalo family kite jenis yang badan sedap2 je, or memang jenis kurus kering walaupun melantak ...
metabolic rate pun depends on genetic :)
yang penting, you must know your body shape, and what kind of clothing yang flatter your shape :)

plus, how to ensure your best features and assets are accentuated :)
senang cite, tak kire apa pun kekurangan kat badan kite, kite highlight best features and minimise the less attractive part ...
it's all about being smart when you dress...

I'm a medium height hourglass, what are YOU?
the best medium height hourglass to me is Scarlett Johansson....verangan kejaps sexy bod like Scarlett....
hehehe insyaAllah with Premium Beautiful - I dun have to worry !

some great tips for those of you whose medium hourglass like me :

"Hourglasses may feel frustrated at not being able to wear ultra-fashionable styles, but certain items will always suit you, whether that's a fitted jacket, strapless dress or crisp shirt (you fill it so well)," says stylist Emer Dewar. "And if you want to make a nod to fashion, you can do it with colour, fabric andaccessories(opens in a new window)." 
  • Use puff-sleeves or epaulettes on a jacket to emphasise your shoulders.
  • A peplum detail on a skirt creates a line down from the waistline to the hip, which will exaggerate your curvy hips.
  • You can wear any shape skirt, but the pencil skirt is the most flattering on you. Team with a simple shirt, tucked in and unbuttoned to reveal a little cleavage.
  • Straight-legged jeans that skim your thighs and are cropped at the ankle work well for you. Bootcut jeans will balance your curves - look for darker shades and ones with large pockets on the bum.
  • High-waisted, wide-legged trousers will emphasise the curve of your hip without making your bottom half look big.
  • Use draping to your advantage. Not only will it accentuate your curves - look for diagonal draping from the waist to hip area - but it will also disguise the tummy area.
  • Wear fitted clothes but make sure they're not too tight. Consider going one size up so your clothes really mirror your figure, rather than pull at it.

hope this helps !


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