Friday, 15 June 2012

of teeth and strawberry slippers

comel tak?
yesterday I went for the long overdue dental routine...
@ Lian Dental Surgery, Ampang Point

cute giller, you have to take off your shoes and change to these cute slippers!
even the doctor wears those Barney slippers heheheh

on another note, anything dental related cost a bomb!
I was lucky I took Cynergycare dental insurance ; I pay about RM35 a month and I get to enjoy free 2x a year routine checkup, and free x-rays (if I need it) and discounts on other treatments...

but still! one tooth filling cost RM80! fuuuhhhh...I had 4 teeth filled yesterday (plus one x ray) and cost me RM320...

Imagine if I need to cabut or crown, or minor operation on wisdom tooth?

nasib baik Schlumberger cover dental up to RM1K so I get to claim the RM320 :)

lucky me!

anyways, memang kene saving every month kan, yelah, kite tak tahu bile kite nak sakit gigi (I heard most companies tak cover dental related illness).....

banyak nye nak kena buat savings! utk maintenance kereta, sakit2, nak shopping, nak upgrade rumahhhhh
ni belum ada anak lagi.....
lagi grrrrr

what other stuff do u guys/gals make savings for?
do share :)
coz I need to get ready!


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