Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Road trip to Kota Bahru (21-22 June 2012) and Johor Bahru (23-24 June 2012)

Hola ladies!

I will be in Kota Bahru from tomorrow 21 June to 22 June 2012..

and continued to Johor bahru on 23-24 June!

Anyone interested to know about Premium Beautiful corset, or wanna be the FIRST Team Fabulosity Franchise Manager in Kelantan,or wanna join our expanding team in Johor Bahru,

 dun be shy, just contact me and we can arrange for a brief meet up!

Can't wait to meet orang2 Kelantan and Johor :)

CALL /SMS: Isma 019-339 3340

Facebook : Ismalina Ishak

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