Wednesday, 4 July 2012

family vs work

I was reading an article and I find this interesting :)

Career women usually have to face a very hard choice when it comes between family and work...
In one hand, you want to be a successful professional, and another, you want to be a good mother, daughter and family member :)

but most of the time in the professional world, talking about your family, establishing the fact that you value your family over work, or taking time off to spend time with your family, is often seen as a non-professional behaviour ....

weird isn't it?

when a woman chose family over work, she is deemed non-committed, non professional - even when she delivered outstanding piece of work...

the professional world are losing talented people pool by just refusing to change!
at least that's what I think....

what's your point of view?

quoting from the article " Why Women can't have it all?"

Men and women also seem to frame the choice (family vs work) differently.
In Midlife Crisis at 30, Mary Matalin recalls her days working as President Bush’s assistant and Vice President Cheney’s counselor:

Even when the stress was overwhelming—those days when I’d cry in the car on the way to work,
asking myself “Why am I doing this??”—I always knew the answer to that question: I believe in
this president.

But Matalin goes on to describe her choice to leave in words that are again uncannily similar to the
explanation I have given so many people since leaving the State Department:

I finally asked myself, “Who needs me more?” And that’s when I realized, it’s somebody else’s
turn to do this job. I’m indispensable to my kids, but I’m not close to indispensable to the White

If we didn’t start to learn how to integrate our personal, social, and professional lives, we were
about five years away from morphing into the angry woman on the other side of a mahogany
desk who questions her staff’s work ethic after standard 12-hour workdays, before heading home
to eat moo shoo pork in her lonely apartment
well it's just something to ponder on :)
this was one of the reasons why I left a professional audit firm  - I just don't think the culture understood the importance of family values, and that the employees do have personal lives ...

and the kind of thinking that "time is cheap" - valuing people's time based on the billable hour's rate , when you can't get back the moments when you missed your spouse's birthday, your child's first day in school, weedings, family trips etc.

and I was earning peanuts as compared to the hours I put in at work!

as compared to then, I feel happier now :)

better work life balance (and insyaAllah, will be MUCH, MUCH BETTER in a year's time,when I will focus full time in Premium Beautiful biz!), better finances, more flexible time :)

well, you just have to make A CHOICE in life isn't it?



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