Thursday, 19 July 2012

TED Thursdays: what leads to success?

ok I'm currently addicted with these TED talks :)
so, I'm trying to blog abt these talks once a week  - pls pray I find time to blog on Thursdays!

have you heard of TED?

In essence, these are short presentations (max 20 mins) from some of the world’s most inspirational speakers in Technology, Entertainment & Design (hence 'TED').

I feel, since I started this biz, I am all for positive vibes in my life :)
negative ppl shoooohhhh  :P

well everyone needs a shot of positiveness once in  awhile rite?

So today, I will share with you a 3 minutes speech from Richard St John - on the 8 criterias that leads to success :)

I also wanna share with you one of Richard's blogpost,which I feel is very inspirational !


(credit to Richard St John :

little vision + small goals + small steps = BIG SUCCESS

Some successful people have big visions, big goals, and take big leaps. But many do the opposite. They don’t look ahead, set small goals, and take small steps.

Issy Sharp, founder of Four Seasons Hotels, said to me, “People ask what my big vision was for Four Seasons Hotels. But I had no vision ­– ever. I didn’t do this to build a business. I did it to build one hotel. I wasn’t even thinking of doing it again.” And with that approach of little vision, small goals, and small steps, Issy built Four Seasons into the world’s top premier hotel chain.

The problem with setting big goals and taking large leaps is they can be very intimidating, and actually discourage us from ever getting starting. The other approach of setting small goals and taking small steps makes it easier to get going and keep going.

Forrest Sawyer told me the small approach is how he went from being an unknown radio announcer to becoming a famous TV news anchor: “I started with 1-minute pieces, and then I would do 3-minute pieces, and I would keep doing them until I got them right. And then I did 10-minute and 13-minute pieces.”

When I first started running, my only goal was to run a few blocks and try to keep up with my wife. But it wasn’t long before I was lying on the ground gasping for air while she kept going. I stayed at it, gradually got better, and a couple of years later thought, “Maybe I’ll try running a 26-mile marathon.” I crossed the finish line, and after I stopped puking I said, “I’ll never do that again.” Then a year later, “Hmmm, maybe I can run a faster marathon”…

Now, at this point in my life, I’ve finished over 50 marathons on all seven continents and run more than 75,000 miles (120,000 km). That’s equal to 3 times around the world, or 25 times across the United States. It’s been a blast, and I did it all with no vision, no big goals, and no big leaps. The same approach led to success in my career.

The bottom line is we can accomplish big things with little vision, small goals, and small steps. So go ahead. Take the first step. What are you waiting for?

happy Thursday everyone :)


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