Friday, 31 August 2012

Premium Beautiful July/ August 2012 promo

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OK, quick one!

are you the kind of person who likes to get a bargain in everything you purchase?
you like to be beautiful and healthy for the long term?
we have the PERFECT product for YOU!

get your Premium Beautiful set NOW!

I'll be giving out FREE 1 box of LACTOLITE/ BIOEVER + 1 PB wash (total worth RM250)


plus you will also get RM225 cash rebate :)


 almost RM500!

LIMITED TO 5 customers ONLY!
First come , first serve basis :)

Payment method:

1) Full cash 

2) Credit card - 0% 6 or 12 months instalment option  available! from as low as RM180 per month!

3) RHB Easy - from as low as RM58 per month

4) AEON Credit - from as low as RM47 per month

Dun miss it!

Contact me @ 019-339 3340 now!


*** sticky post until 31 Aug 2012!***

Ya Allah this is the biggest news everrrrr!!!!

uols pernah tak tengok America's Next top Model?
yang tak pernah tengok, pls, pls, pls tengok sebab best gillerrr

anyways, the winner of every cycle, mesti akan dapat jadi cover for the biggest, most famous magazines in the world!

nak tengok contoh?

ni Brittani from cycle 16 in Beauty in Vogue

ni pulak Ann Ward from Cycle 15

ni winner Australia Next Top Model Cycle 3

Brittani lagikkkk

ni of course la Tyra Banks :)

bestnye kannnn kalo dapat amik covershots macam kat atas ni????

I suka sangat especially kalo boleh amik macam yang Tyra Banks kat atas ni kan...

memang macam ala-ala ANTM gittteeeww
selalu verangans je kan nak amik shot2 macam ni...

nak buat sendiri , confirm lah mahal - especially if nak ambil photographer yang best and gambar meletops!
koman-koman pun campur makeup segala, at least RM2-3 ribu?

ni FREE tauuuu


tak semestinya kita kena jadi model-model baru boleh tau amik covershots macam ni...

uols pun BOLEH :)


we are currently holding a contest....
contest apa tu?

cer click this cheeky video by my beloved leader , Salha Zain !

HOW TO WIN the Contest:
1) Open to EVERYBODY yang berumur 18 tahun ke atas.
2) Just SHARE about PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL to your friends and set as many 
Free Trial Fitting Session with me and My Team Fabulosity!
3) WINNER will be THOSE who get 10 Premium Beautiful SOLD!
4) Closing Date: 31 August 2012


You just need to recommend your friends to us :)

we can meet you and your family/friends for FREE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL demo and trial fitting,

recommend as many as possible, and once we have 10 of the recommendations from you purchasing Premium Beautiful, you will get that FREE COVERSHOT by one of the most renowned photographer in Malaysia!

senang sangatlahhh!
easy peasy...

tak payah keluar duit, and very minimal effort!

start to LIKE, SHARE and RE-POST this entry NOW!!!!
RECOMMEND US to YOUR friendsss :)

you can also contact my business partners - refer this link ---> Contact my Biz Partners!

so get busy ya!
16 more days to go!!!!!

then I'll be seing you at the photo shoot!!

Isma 019-3393340

p/s: I superLOVE this covershot of my mentor CDM Salha Zain by Annas Easkey!
(tsk, tsk...did I gave away the mysterious photographer name already??? hehehhe)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Adam dan Hawa :)

quick update!

untuk pembaca tegar novel melayu, surely familiar dengan nama Aisya Sofea

well one of her famous books are now adapted as a 80 episodes series on Astro Mustika!

guess who's the main actor?

of course my darling Aaron Aziz ;)

memang sesuai sangatlah watak handsome + nakal Adam Mukhriz tu untuk Aaron...
cair tak cair tengok Aaron in pilot uniform?

I read the book the moment it came out - memang novel2 Aisya Sofea best sebab the plot is clean (takde meleret-leret), the languange and writing style engaging and of course sangat romanticccc!
plus she really did her homework on the places, and facts that she puts in her novels the readers get to learn new stuff as well :)

the beautiful couple : Ain Hawani + Adam Mukhriz

it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster - in 80 episodes!

unfortunately I tak subscribe Astro in my new house  - with work and biz, I have limited TV time :)

so , I haven't watched any of it!

luckily there's a Facebook page that updates abt the drama - so all of you Adam dan Hawa fanatics out there, check it out ya!


if you missed the episodes like I did, you can catch up online at these websites!

as for me, maybe after habis qualifying London + Paris, I can do some catch up on this series :)
coz I love Aaron Aziz and a good romantic movie/drama :)


p/s: uols yang teringin nak have a romantic getaway in Europe with your hubby for FREE - email me at or call/SMS me at 019-3393340 :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Salam Aidilfitri to ALL!

tahun ni tema peach for me and my family - and alhamdulillah, dapat sponsor baju raya sedondon lagi for the whole family :)

hope uols had a great raya

sederhana, tapi meriah...

as for me, bercuti seminggu - I'm taking this time to reconnect with family and friends, organizing my house, blog , and business...

NO WORK! (as in office work laaahhh hehehe)

taking this opportunity to mintak ampun dan maaf to all of u ya?
if ada yang terkasar bahasa, terguris rasa etc...
maaf zahir dan batin!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

(VIDEO)GLAM* raya! Salam Aidilfitri from Green Leaders Academy :)

our video raya is out!

shot after GLAM class every Friday at TTDI :)

best sangat rasa bila dah ada academy for our group ni....ramaiii sangat tau kat class, u can see from the video!

seronok sangat dapat jumpa with the sisters in business- the ones yang dah berjaya kita jadikan business idols to push us even harder in this biz!

no one can succeed alone - and that's the beauty of this one will let you fail either, sentiasa ada tangan yang akan tarik you balik ke atas :)

so enjoy this video, made with love by us to all of you readers out there!




019-339 3340

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Teaser : Team Fabulosity photoshoot by Shaker Hanafi (unedited)

hola peeps!

as some of you guys are aware, we had a photoshoot for some of the Diamonds in Team Fabulosity!

it's at Perfect Pictures studio , Shah Alam...and we were shot by Shaker Hanafi!

MUA is Aim Azam

alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly despite the awkward "kerasness" poses at the beginning :)

we soon warmed up to Shaker, and I'm going to release to you some of the unedited pics :P

overall, I think even it's unedited, it's quite good already :)

I wore 3 ensemble yesterday...

it was a fun day with my team !

hopefully the edited ones will be super nice :)

too many pics to go through and pick!

let me know on what you think of it ya...

mid you i'm not a professional model, so excuse pose2 kerasku itu heheheh

My peplum dress is sponsored by Nawy Aris Creations
thanks so much Nawy for letting me wear such beautiful dress - i love this plum color!
you can visit Nawy Aris boutique at section 13, Shah Alam - behind Tesco :)

konon candid la tu hehhehe
all hijab styling and make up by Aim Azam

showing off the Premium Beautiful "S" shape body!
dress is my own :)

black and white for the group shot!
tiered skirt by Nawy Aris jugak :)


you dream of having the same photoshoot for FREE?
you wanna be part of Team Fabulosity
just contact me ya...


019-339 3340

Monday, 13 August 2012

Choco+Pink @Hijabista Iftar: Up, Close and Personal

assalamualaikum semua!
tak sempat sangat nak update blog lately, sebab eventho bulan Ramadhan penuh dengan activity ibadah, biz Premium Beautiful still ON!

no time to rest :)

so just nak update sikit on my activities last weekend...

got an invite to the Hijabista magazine Iftar event!

held at Putrajaya Equestrian Park :)

alhamdullilah, thanks to the editor Puan Suzi for the invite!

had fun with all girls + celebrity at the event...

I even volunteered to be a model at the hijab styling session with Nadia from Smashing Scarves!

best jugak pegi event macam ni, get to learn new things - plus meeting other stylo hijabis out there :)

now I dah belajar some new hijab styling tricks!

some pics from the event :)


kenal tak? ni laa penyanyi Farah Ashikin - now dah berhijab sepenuhnya....

sweet kan ? Natasha Hudson is the September Cover for Hijabista....get it now!

thanks so much Nadd for teaching new tricks for hijab styling ! especially for muka boolattsss hehehe
You can find Nadd on the Premium Beautiful billboard at Federal Highway (sebelum masuk LKSA )

Model Premium Beautiful tau ni.... cantik n slim sangattt

full outfit for the event - pink and fuschia lace top and batek pareo by Noor Arfa!
actually sepatutnya pink and chocolate, but I'm so last minute as usual, tak sempat cari proper attire for the event :P

My ever beautiful mentor CDM Salha Zain!
always cantik , confident and sihat with Premium Beautiful...
envy nye Chanel tuhhhh
and her nude colour ensemble is from Mimpikita!

my new turban style - ok tak?

US! Premium Beautiful Top Agents at Hijabista Iftar....
semua gorgeous ladies okayyyy

uols pernah nampak tak muka the girl kat tengah tu?
itulah official model Pearl Haya!
sweet sangat....
and sungguh ramah, tak sombong lansung :)
and of course Puan Suzi from Hijabista Magazine!
thank you so much for inviting us!!!

stylo semua ni :)

so what do you think about Hijabista Magazine?

get the latest September issue - featuring my mentors Salha Zain and Hanis Haizi !

gorgeous i tell u ....
semua GORGEOUS sebab pakai PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL laaaaa

uols jangan ketinggalan dapatkan Premium Beautiful untuk kekal cantik masa Raya nanti k...

rugi kalo tak pakai- rosak baju raya uols nanti :)

plus boleh kawal food portions masa raya nanti - takdelah naik berat mencanak-canak lepas raya woohoo!

memang banyak lagi nak update, but stay tuned k!


019-339 3340

p/s: make up from Kak Rozana Mustafa from Butik Kaseh :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lagu Hangit -abang mahu pakai bengkung PB!


just entertainment untuk uols!

actually, i suka dengan part yang abang mahu pakai bengkung baby :P

abang-abang yang nak perut macam Brad Pitt tu

boleh try Waist nipper Premium Beautiful tauuu

kesan die sama jugak - kawal food portion, plus it helps untuk yang ada sakit belakang :)

lagipun bukan nampak, dalam baju kannn

yang penting no more the buncitness


ni real life testimonial from my biz partner Fairuz (dah anak 4 yer uols!)

ok ni gambar sebelummmmm




ni gambar selepasss!!!

as alternative....

apa salahnya kan?

contact me to find out, and for free fitting :)

Isma (019-339 3340)

Thursday, 2 August 2012


aduhai :)

semalam received a query from one of my readers

" kak, nak buat biz ni, kena buat macam-macam kan? kena ukurlah, fittinglah, pegi jumpa client, pegi stokis , personal touch...etc... mesti penat kan..."

dalam hati just senyum jerrr

actually this is not the first time I dapat soalan camni

to me jawapannya senang je...

bila kita nak SATU benda - sometimes kita kena buat macam-macam...

contoh: masa study, nak dapat BA in Accounting and Finance

macam-macam kena buat kan?

pegi kelas, tutorial, buat assignment, sometime pegi jumpa lecturer untuk direct coaching ...

study group, beli buku tambahan ...

macam-macamlah lagi kena buat...

tu baru nak capai SATU benda- nak dapat degree

now....I nak tanya - uols rasa buat biz ni, kita nak capai apa?

to me I nak capai MACAM-MACAM benda!

nak FINANCIAL FREEDOM, TIME FREEDOM - tu baru impian yang besar....

yang kecik-kecik?

nak settlekan hutang, nak furnish rumah cantik-cantik...nak pegi haji, nak bantu parents, nak kahwin pakai duit sendiri, nak capaikan impian biz partners ...


So agak-agak bila nak capai MACAM-MACAM ....bukan ke matching kalo kita kena buat MACAM-MACAM benda jugak?

sebab tu I selalu cakap, biz ni bukan biz GOYANG KAKI!

takkan uols expect nak dapat macam-macam benda - kite buat satu kerja je dah boleh dapat?


siapa yang berusaha lebih, tetap akan dapat lebih!

this is not a pyramid scheme where you recruit people to get income!

this is about building your own franchise, and mentoring others to start their own franchise too!

but you know what?

altho kena buat macam-macam ; but the return from the efforts we put in memang BERBALOI!

that's why I still buat biz ni :)

If you're someone who's looking to achieve something more in life, dah bosan kerja makan gaji, but tak banyak perubahan hidup pun - why not you hear out my proposal and biz plan?

tak ada ruginya - you sendiri decide whether this is a good biz plan or not...

CALL/SMS Isma 019-3393340

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