Thursday, 30 August 2012

Adam dan Hawa :)

quick update!

untuk pembaca tegar novel melayu, surely familiar dengan nama Aisya Sofea

well one of her famous books are now adapted as a 80 episodes series on Astro Mustika!

guess who's the main actor?

of course my darling Aaron Aziz ;)

memang sesuai sangatlah watak handsome + nakal Adam Mukhriz tu untuk Aaron...
cair tak cair tengok Aaron in pilot uniform?

I read the book the moment it came out - memang novel2 Aisya Sofea best sebab the plot is clean (takde meleret-leret), the languange and writing style engaging and of course sangat romanticccc!
plus she really did her homework on the places, and facts that she puts in her novels the readers get to learn new stuff as well :)

the beautiful couple : Ain Hawani + Adam Mukhriz

it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster - in 80 episodes!

unfortunately I tak subscribe Astro in my new house  - with work and biz, I have limited TV time :)

so , I haven't watched any of it!

luckily there's a Facebook page that updates abt the drama - so all of you Adam dan Hawa fanatics out there, check it out ya!


if you missed the episodes like I did, you can catch up online at these websites!

as for me, maybe after habis qualifying London + Paris, I can do some catch up on this series :)
coz I love Aaron Aziz and a good romantic movie/drama :)


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