Tuesday, 18 September 2012

stress are unmanageable!!!!!

one of the partners in PwC once told me - 
' we create the stress in ourselves; there's no stress that is unmanageable'

of course, being an overworked , stressed senior associate at the time, I was enraged, and I felt that he did not understand what we are going through as an employee

but of course, a couple years passed, and looking back at what he said, I would say  I agree with him … more or less…
"we create stress" - it's true isn't it? In working environment, people impose ridiculous deadlines to us, just because they promise that to the client,
of course, as part of the team, meeting a deadline is crucial…

and of course we must do our best to meet it - but often than not, we are putting additional stress to ourselves than what we need to!

suppose, we are stressed out with the work, working environment, bossess colleague - being in ofc is like a torture to us…

the more we force ourselves to be in this poisonous environment, the more we will be stressed out, and feel dead inside 

More often than not, even when we know we cannot meet a ridiculous deadline, we strive hard for it - 
but the emotional stress of not being able to celebrate your birthday, 
to go back and sleep, to see your kid is higher than the work stress itself!

I've been there , done that
seriously, when you are in that position, you yourself create additional stress upon yourself - a relatively simple pressure of going to a presentation / a meeting without preparation, or cahsing signatories to get the cheque to be signed has become a torture - and you feel like you're slacking every step of the way; which in turn will increase your workload everyday…

this is when, you should be a bit firm to yourself, and find ways to get out of that situation.
trust me, nothing will change ; everyday it will become more and more stressful for you!

Maybe I could suggest a simple exercise for you stressful executives out there ;

1- Sit down calmly over a cup of tea/ coffee- think about what are the causes of stress in your life
a) workload
b) work environment
c) colleague
d) client
f) lack of work life balance
g) financial
h)bored with current task - repetitive etc
i) family/ external pressure

2- Rank your stress factor and go over that with your spouse/best friend/parents- think about what are you life goals, priorities and what makes you happy

3- List down solutions to relieve yourself from that stress

a) workload - talk to your boss about engaging help for the project; intern etc
b) work environment
c) colleague
d) client
e)bosses - speak to the boss of your boss about your problem, your big boss may have a way to talk it out with your immediate boss
f) lack of work life balance - seek option of flexible working hours, find job with better balance, seek other industry that you may have passion for
g) financial -speak to your boss about salary raise or other opportunities in the firm
h)bored with current task - repetitive etc
i) family/ external pressure

Note that not all of these stress can be eliminated with you still being the same place….sometimes you are so stressed with everything, that you need a change of environment

If the stress feels unmanageable - SEEK HELP!
don't keep it to yourself…
always trying to please others is not a helpful trait in this matter
be a bit selfish - afterall you know your self better than others
do some discussion, weigh the pros and cons  …..and thennnnn….

of course plan it carefully, don't be rash - if you need to change jobs, make sure you have a feasible back up, and not just be jobless
the mortgage and car loans are not going to vanish in thin air ;)

lastly, just my 2 cents ;
whatever your problems are -

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