Wednesday, 31 October 2012

UPDATE! CONTEST EXTENDED TIL 31 OCT 2012!!!! “I LOVE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL !” – it’s contest time peeps :)

*** this is a sticky post until 31 October 2012- scroll down for new entriesss thankss darlingss***

Hola ladies!!!!!

Dah agak lama sebenarnya nak buat contest for my dear readers – but been busy editing my first vlog and also ada project penting yang tengak diusahakan …



Asyik-asyik ajak uols beli je kan – now, as we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of HAI-O Marketing Sdn Bhd next month, I wanna reward those who has been proud users of Premium Beautiful throughout these 20 years :)

Of course there will be GREAT PRIZESSS for YOU!

Contest ni senang je tauuu


Just write about the following:

1) Introduce yourself - nama, asal dari mana, bekerja/surirumah etc

2) Your experience with Premium Beautiful – bila start pakai, macam mana beli etc

3) How it has changed your life –your experience, from start till now

4) 3 top reasons why you LOVE Premium Beautiful 

5) Your recent pic ;) – if ada before and after lagi bestttt

your recent picture yang ceriaaaa!

atau pun gambar before and afterrrr :)

To those yang ada blog, you can blog about it and send me the link to your blog entry, OR, to those yang tak ada blog, just send your story to me at

Pls put your email subject as

Jangan lupa sertakan your contact details as follows  ya:
Nama penuh
No telefon


1- Siapa yang layak  join the contest ????

I tak restrict, ALL PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL users (including agents) are welcomed to join the contest!
As long as you pernah pakai Premium Beautiful, you are entitled to enter ya…

2- Pls send in your entries by 25th October 2012 – I will then short list the stories and shortlisted entries will then be published on my blog and those with highest votes will win!


First prize winner : 

 of the winner’s size :)
 (worth RM2,600)

Second prize winner : 

1 SET of BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER  - for a healthy lifestyle for the family too! 
(worth RM1,750)

3 consolation prize : 

1 PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL SHORT BRA to complement your Premium Beautiful collection! (worth RM538)

Such great prizes kannnn?????
Yang dah ada Premium Beautiful and dah lama pakai, boleh dapat lagi satu set- boleh tukar2 kannnn 
So get your writing skills and photos ready!!!!
Can’t wait to read beautiful stories from all of you!!!!!


019-339 3340

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