Monday, 31 December 2012

Extended until 6th January 2013!!!! PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL: NOV & DEC 2012 PROMO

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Hola ladiesss :)

just nak beritahu uols, promo cash rebate for Premium Beautiful akan berakhir 31 Dec 2012 :)

and ramai sangat yang tanya - ada lagi tak promo with free gift ?


so my promo packages have returned!


Dengan setiap pembelian


via full cash, credit card, AEON Credit or RHB Easy ;

+ PB WASH (worth RM42)


Dengan setiap pembelian 


via full cash, credit card, AEON Credit or RHB Easy ;

+ PB WASH (worth RM42) 

Dengan setiap pembelian 
Premium Beautiful short bra

GET FREE PB WASH (worth RM42) 

+ goody bag with Garam Buluh, Lactolite and BB Plus Collagen sample (worth RM50)


Bersihkan barang mentah anda yang banyak sangat toxin  tu!

toxin ni takkan hilang walaupun dimasak

Watch this video to see the demo!

Dengan setiap pembelian 
Biozone Food purifier 



1) Garam Buluh –untuk cleanse and detox your body, especially good to lower cholesterol level ;)

2)BB Plus Collagen – untuk kulit halus, mulus berseri ;)

3) Bioever Cream – use this untuk tegangkan problem area  e.g bawah lengan, double chin, knee etc

4) Lactolite – detox your usus! Especially good for those yang ada masalah sembelit, perut buncit etc

5) Biozone car sterilizer - make sure the air in your car is clean from weird smells, debu-debu  etc ;)

Please call/sms/whatsapp 

me for price & discount inquiry :)

contact me 

Isma (019-339 3340) 


alternatively, add me on Facebook and PM ,

or leave your contact details via the

PINK contact me button at the left side of my page :)

i'm hitched! finally :)

alhamdulillah- i'm blissfully married on 25th Dec 2012 :)

it was a small and intimate nikaah n reception, mainly attended by close family and friends...

syukur...what more can I say

i'm so thankful to have a supportive family ; my siblings who have worked hard, my grandmother who did the bunga pahar ( yes that cream and red ones in the pic!) all by herself, my friends who came together the night before the wedding to make my hantaran trays for Mein; my relatives who came together to put on the stickers on the dorrgifts; all guest who came and be with us on our joyous day :)

will update more on wedding pics soon!

now have to cencentrate on my biz closing for 2012, and ofc work :)
plusss my semi honeymooooon! hahahah if there's such a word :)


Saturday, 15 December 2012

casting as BELLA Awards red carpet presenter!


i've a lot of backlog entries to do, but i'm gonna ditch that first and write about a random encounter last week!

so last Saturday me and my new proteges met up with CDM Salha for a power up session at KLCC

as usual, everytime we met Salha, it will be a mind opening session - being a true mentor she really guided us through biz in detail- strategizing, problem solving and also coaching at the same time!

what a power woman eyhh?

well, we discussed about our Diamond 2013 project; of which we will be targeting 20 new Diamonds to grace the stage in March 2013 :)

and also RM20,000 project for January 2013 - that's the targeted income to begin the new year with flying colorsss!

am so excited with the new horizon !!!!

regardless what has happen in 2012- let's end 2012 and begin 2013 with a positive note :)

anyways after we met up , we stopped by CHANEL coz Salha is looking for a sling bag for the London Paris trip, then  i continued with a biz coaching 1 on 1 with my protege ....

Mouth watering experience in Chanel - but i think not much choice la CHANEL KLCC....

then we went for Zuhur prayersss - soon after plan to go home laaa

but guess what-someone tapped my shoulders from behind, and surprisingly there are 2 cameraman, another man with micropone tailing behind her!

first thing she asked me is " Hi miss, are you local?"

hahahahha LOL

she introduced herself as an NTV7 crew, and they are looking for a red carpet presenter for BELLA AWARDS happening in March 2013...

so she said, do you mind if we cast you?

the puzzled me was speechless, but my biz partner Kak Tika immediately said- GO FOR IT!

so impromptu, we had 2 session- a 30 sec introductory video; me introducing myself, background etc...

then they had a call card- and I had to pretend I am on a red carpet and hosting live for BELLA award!

ketaq lutut cheq :P

but luckily it was all scripted, and the experience of being an emcee at GLAM does help a lot !

we are done in 3 takes :) 

alhamdulillah,it was a great opportunity! hopefully i will be shortlisted hehehehhe

and coincidentally, HAI-O is the main sponsor for BELLA AWARDS!!!!

so now i'm excited if i'm picked !!!!

alhamdulillah, i feel so blessed with my life - getting to know this business, my new friend and family, and having this great opportunity coming my way - THANK YOU ALLAH!

well, enjoy your weekend :)

i do hope you will have a great opportunity coming your way soon :)
don't be afraid to try new things- it may lead you to a greater path and a lifechanging experience!




Realise your dreams (not just making side income!) NOW!!!

Monday, 10 December 2012

YSL Parisienne vs Ferragamo's Signorina?

bonus biz masuk esokkkk :)

alhamdulillah sama banyak dengan gaji hakiki ...altogether sebulan confirm = 2 bulan gaji!

best betul - dah lah esok public hols, plus dapat gaji kedua bulan November !!!

syukur sangat- taklah beban sangat dengan plan persiapan wedding 1 bulan nihhh

wahhhh tetibeee

tak bitau uols pun i nak kahwin kannnn


tak plan sangat pun, tetibe dapat greenlight from parents, so apa lagi...let's get married baybehhh

ok harini nak cite perihal nak beli barang hantaran...

disebabkan my last perfume, GUCCI FLORA dah nak habis- so mintak hantaran perfume settt

last Sunday pegilah usha2 wangian apa yang bestttt

wahhh banyak lah choices sekaranggg

tapi dah shortlist 2 jerrrr

uols tolong I decide pleaaseee????

dua-dua sukeeee :)

 SIGNORINA by Salvatore Ferragamo



Seriously suka bau dua-dua ni, and harga lebih kuranggg

i'm tornnnn!

camne, camne?

tolong i decide plssss
very much appreciatedddd - muahhhxxx


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I LOVE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL - Entry No 4 by Arie Fasha

hola ladiesss

dah lama tak update about Premium Beautiful testimonial kan?

today I nak share one  more I LOVE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL entry by Arie Fasha!

for the actual link for her entry, boleh refer link below to her blog okay :)

bermula dengan pengalaman terjatuh dan menyebabkan sakit belakang berpanjangan sehingga Arie terpaksa menggunakan backsupport - telah menyebabkan Arie mencari alternative treatment !

uols boleh baca kisah dan pengalaman Arie bersama Premium Beautiful - membantu Arie dengan masalah back pain, dan mengembalikan self confidence :)

paling special, this entry siap buat video lagi- curlassstttt :)

if you like her entry, LIKE and  SHARE it on your Facebook ya!

now memang proven yang this luxurious corset bukan sekadar bantu body shaping and losing weight, but with other health benefits too!~

uols yang nak dapatkan Premium Beautiful at BEST DEAL, boleh click here ---.> LATEST PROMO!

I Love Premium Beautiful Contest – My Journey to Health, Success and Gratefulness

Compressed version of my entry for I Love Premium Beautiful Contest (26.8MB)

Original version of my entry for I Love Premium Beautiful Contest (121MB)

I Love Premium Beautiful Contest – My Journey to Health, Success and Gratefulness

About 6 years back I was still studying in the UK. Around June 2006, I have joined Kelana Convoy for a Europe trip to 5 countries which are France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 

It has been such a nice trip for me as this is the first time that I managed to go abroad, I have been to various places and Switzerland is the last one. It has been a wet day and I was walking down the bus steps. Suddenly, my shoes slipped as the stairs was really slippery due to the snowy weather. 
I plunged down the stairs with the metal steps at my back, it was really agonizing and I could not even stand up because of the excruciating pain. I fall to the ground and slowly trying to pick myself up; my friends were stunned and then slowly regain their senses and rushed for my aid.

I went back to the UK after the trip and got help from a neighbour; Auntie Lin who massages me for a few times but it was too late as it has been around 1-2 weeks after the accident. Later on, I went back for good to Malaysia but the pain kept creeping back. 

Gradually it has deteriorated and I have to see a Doctor, firstly the Doctor told me that my body is too heavy and therefore my spine could not afford to hold my body. But after I told her about my previous experience, she performed some sort of testing and requested for me to purchase and wear Sacro Lumbar Support. 

I have been wearing the support for quite sometimes, it has a zap on mechanism and quite frequently has ruined my 'baju kurung' and other clothing. I tried to find another solution to this. After searching and browsing on the internet, I found that Premium Beautiful Corset has received recognition from several chiropractic associations. Furthermore, my colleague; Fiza has suggested me to wear PB as she has been using it after her pregnancy for the same purpose.

Next, I made a great decision to purchase my first PB corset and pray that it will help me in improving my health. Alhamdulillah since I have been wearing PB for the last 3 months, my back pain has decreased and I have been sleeping with my Waist Nipper nowadays; it is so comfy. I have acquired another advantage where my colleagues and family noticed that my figure has become slender. Moreover, the physical symptom during my PMS has also diminished.

At the moment, I am also using Bioever Nano Cream to expedite my recovery process and to contour my body.

Thanks to Premium Beautiful I have managed to improve my health, tone up my body and obtain my first four digit bonus. Wish me luck in my journey towards health, success and gratefulness :-)

Monday, 3 December 2012

RATU by Ezuwan Ismail Fashion Show!

finally, another affordable range by famous Malaysian designerrr!

fashion show ni actually right after the SM/SSM seminar haritu, so I had to rush back to change!

tak tahu apa nak pakai actually, but decided on my canary yellow peplum kurung...

held at Royale Chulan Hotel - memang grand sangattt...

thanks to my mentor Salha Zain and Ezuwan Ismail for the invite!~

firstly - fashion show starts at about 9pm....mula-mula models keluar with the shawls and tudung designs by EIKL.... mostly are satin with lace patching types, and also hoodies....comel-comel jugakkk

lepas tu baru the models came out with the baju kurung, jubah, dress pulakkk - seriously banyak yang eyecatching! with great detailing and vibrant colors, priced at RM300-350 jerrrr!

paling sporting bila ada artis-artis turut memeriahkan the runway- diorang pun model kan design EIKL :)

I personally love the red and blue ensemble yang Leuniey pakai that nite - cantikkkk gilaaaa :)

paling best, all the guests dapat cash voucher untuk beli all these designs! 
hehehhe...jangan jealousss

siap je fashion show, then we eattt!
sambil makan, tak sangka ada performance by my fav artiste Misha Omarrrr

cute sangattt Misha, I love her pink skirttt

then as usual la we mingle around, meet the artist, other designers etc....
best dapat banyak new acquaintance!

us with Marsha Milan Londoh

of course gambar wajib with my bestie Wanie
with upcoming top designer FIZIWOO - design diorang very the modern and edgy yo!

ehhh mana boleh balik dulu - kena lah amik gambar with the designer Ezuwan Ismail!

on our way back terserempak Apex with Leuniey kat lobby !
dengan selambenye Wanie ajak diorg amik gambar - and sporting sangat diorang despite it's already midnite!

all in all memang a great day for me!
siang with my biz partners, malam enjoy pulak tengok fashion show with good food and great company !

thanks sangat to my mentor Salha Zain sebab extend the invitation to me!

oklah till laterrr
jangan lupa dapatkan rekaan EIKL kat Ratu boutiques all over Malaysia starting 30 Nov 2012!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Seminar SM/SSM cycle 3!

Nov was a hectic month for me, both in biz , work and personal :)

alhamdulillah, dah selamat pun mengadakan seminar for biz partners berpangkat SM and SSM...

held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie!

tak kira apa pun yang kita lakukan, be it biz, kerja etc- ilmu kena sentiasa upgrade!

syukur, we managed to secure 12 spots out of 300 for Team Fabulosity ..YEAY!

thanks for my Team yang sentiasa active and menyenangkan kerja leaders to organize events macam ni  :)

sejukkk hati i hehehhe

seminar ni untuk semua biz partners under GLAM - so memang sangat ramai, and tempat limited to 300 pax jerrr...semua confirm nak pergi sebab seminar ni only twice a year and ilmu die memang upgrade sikit dari kelas GLAM every Fridayyy

mesti uols pelik- kenapelah orang berebut-rebut nak pegi seminar ni kannn?

actually, banyak biz seminar out there- but for this one , it is specialised for our biz and also ilmu yang specific for social media enterpreneurs like us!

yang bagi talk pun, are our dear mentors yang dah make 6 figures monthly in this biz, and the pioneers of marketing Premium Beautiful via blog and social media!

names like Hanis Haizi and Salha Zain memang dah sinonim sangat dengan Premium Beautiful kan...?
kalo google pasal Premium Beautiful mesti nama-nama nilah yang top!

so in the seminar, selain ilmu pasal product, these new enterpreneurs are groomed to be the next Hanis Haizi and Salha Zain!

ilmu untuk dapat consistent income 6 figures sebulan ...sape tak nak kannnn?

that's why I said, this biz bukan lagi approach direct selling macam yang lama dulu - we are more sophisticated and professional 

alhamdulillah sangat, feedback from partners yang pegi pun sangat-sangat positive - now we are working on DIAMOND PROJECT for 2013!!!

this is actually a short term project - 3 months timeline for my partnes in Team Fabulosity to achieve RM20,000 cumulative income in 3 months!

plus naik sampai ke pangkat Diamond sekali :)

we are targeting at least 20 Diamonds by March 2013 !!!!


can just contact me at 019-3393340 or leave your contact details via the CONTACT ME button kayyy

so enjoy the piccsss!

p/s: I was the participant for SM/SSM Seminar cycle 2 in early 2012 - look at where I am NOW!
So jangan ketinggalan lagi...coz yang cycle 3 ni pasti dah dapat inject turbo and soar as DIAMONDS by March 2013!

me with my fabulous mentor Salha Zain
my bestie wanie with Salha and her hubby Alfaath - both CDM making 6 figureee woohoo!
fellow Diamonds! - kita ada misi nih nak make our partners Diamond pulakkkk
my lovely partnersss! thanks for coming darlingsss!
at tea break! the full Team FABULOSITY yang datang seminarrr- u ladiess rawkkk roarrrrrr
CDM Salha bagi pep talk after seminar
sementara tunggu group photo mari bergambar ngan Salha!
okay Team Photo yang formal sikitttt
the participants for cycle 3 seminarrrr!



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