Saturday, 15 December 2012

casting as BELLA Awards red carpet presenter!


i've a lot of backlog entries to do, but i'm gonna ditch that first and write about a random encounter last week!

so last Saturday me and my new proteges met up with CDM Salha for a power up session at KLCC

as usual, everytime we met Salha, it will be a mind opening session - being a true mentor she really guided us through biz in detail- strategizing, problem solving and also coaching at the same time!

what a power woman eyhh?

well, we discussed about our Diamond 2013 project; of which we will be targeting 20 new Diamonds to grace the stage in March 2013 :)

and also RM20,000 project for January 2013 - that's the targeted income to begin the new year with flying colorsss!

am so excited with the new horizon !!!!

regardless what has happen in 2012- let's end 2012 and begin 2013 with a positive note :)

anyways after we met up , we stopped by CHANEL coz Salha is looking for a sling bag for the London Paris trip, then  i continued with a biz coaching 1 on 1 with my protege ....

Mouth watering experience in Chanel - but i think not much choice la CHANEL KLCC....

then we went for Zuhur prayersss - soon after plan to go home laaa

but guess what-someone tapped my shoulders from behind, and surprisingly there are 2 cameraman, another man with micropone tailing behind her!

first thing she asked me is " Hi miss, are you local?"

hahahahha LOL

she introduced herself as an NTV7 crew, and they are looking for a red carpet presenter for BELLA AWARDS happening in March 2013...

so she said, do you mind if we cast you?

the puzzled me was speechless, but my biz partner Kak Tika immediately said- GO FOR IT!

so impromptu, we had 2 session- a 30 sec introductory video; me introducing myself, background etc...

then they had a call card- and I had to pretend I am on a red carpet and hosting live for BELLA award!

ketaq lutut cheq :P

but luckily it was all scripted, and the experience of being an emcee at GLAM does help a lot !

we are done in 3 takes :) 

alhamdulillah,it was a great opportunity! hopefully i will be shortlisted hehehehhe

and coincidentally, HAI-O is the main sponsor for BELLA AWARDS!!!!

so now i'm excited if i'm picked !!!!

alhamdulillah, i feel so blessed with my life - getting to know this business, my new friend and family, and having this great opportunity coming my way - THANK YOU ALLAH!

well, enjoy your weekend :)

i do hope you will have a great opportunity coming your way soon :)
don't be afraid to try new things- it may lead you to a greater path and a lifechanging experience!




Realise your dreams (not just making side income!) NOW!!!

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