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I LOVE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL - Entry No 4 by Arie Fasha

hola ladiesss

dah lama tak update about Premium Beautiful testimonial kan?

today I nak share one  more I LOVE PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL entry by Arie Fasha!

for the actual link for her entry, boleh refer link below to her blog okay :)

bermula dengan pengalaman terjatuh dan menyebabkan sakit belakang berpanjangan sehingga Arie terpaksa menggunakan backsupport - telah menyebabkan Arie mencari alternative treatment !

uols boleh baca kisah dan pengalaman Arie bersama Premium Beautiful - membantu Arie dengan masalah back pain, dan mengembalikan self confidence :)

paling special, this entry siap buat video lagi- curlassstttt :)

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now memang proven yang this luxurious corset bukan sekadar bantu body shaping and losing weight, but with other health benefits too!~

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I Love Premium Beautiful Contest – My Journey to Health, Success and Gratefulness

Compressed version of my entry for I Love Premium Beautiful Contest (26.8MB)

Original version of my entry for I Love Premium Beautiful Contest (121MB)

I Love Premium Beautiful Contest – My Journey to Health, Success and Gratefulness

About 6 years back I was still studying in the UK. Around June 2006, I have joined Kelana Convoy for a Europe trip to 5 countries which are France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. 

It has been such a nice trip for me as this is the first time that I managed to go abroad, I have been to various places and Switzerland is the last one. It has been a wet day and I was walking down the bus steps. Suddenly, my shoes slipped as the stairs was really slippery due to the snowy weather. 
I plunged down the stairs with the metal steps at my back, it was really agonizing and I could not even stand up because of the excruciating pain. I fall to the ground and slowly trying to pick myself up; my friends were stunned and then slowly regain their senses and rushed for my aid.

I went back to the UK after the trip and got help from a neighbour; Auntie Lin who massages me for a few times but it was too late as it has been around 1-2 weeks after the accident. Later on, I went back for good to Malaysia but the pain kept creeping back. 

Gradually it has deteriorated and I have to see a Doctor, firstly the Doctor told me that my body is too heavy and therefore my spine could not afford to hold my body. But after I told her about my previous experience, she performed some sort of testing and requested for me to purchase and wear Sacro Lumbar Support. 

I have been wearing the support for quite sometimes, it has a zap on mechanism and quite frequently has ruined my 'baju kurung' and other clothing. I tried to find another solution to this. After searching and browsing on the internet, I found that Premium Beautiful Corset has received recognition from several chiropractic associations. Furthermore, my colleague; Fiza has suggested me to wear PB as she has been using it after her pregnancy for the same purpose.

Next, I made a great decision to purchase my first PB corset and pray that it will help me in improving my health. Alhamdulillah since I have been wearing PB for the last 3 months, my back pain has decreased and I have been sleeping with my Waist Nipper nowadays; it is so comfy. I have acquired another advantage where my colleagues and family noticed that my figure has become slender. Moreover, the physical symptom during my PMS has also diminished.

At the moment, I am also using Bioever Nano Cream to expedite my recovery process and to contour my body.

Thanks to Premium Beautiful I have managed to improve my health, tone up my body and obtain my first four digit bonus. Wish me luck in my journey towards health, success and gratefulness :-)

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