Monday, 31 December 2012

i'm hitched! finally :)

alhamdulillah- i'm blissfully married on 25th Dec 2012 :)

it was a small and intimate nikaah n reception, mainly attended by close family and friends...

syukur...what more can I say

i'm so thankful to have a supportive family ; my siblings who have worked hard, my grandmother who did the bunga pahar ( yes that cream and red ones in the pic!) all by herself, my friends who came together the night before the wedding to make my hantaran trays for Mein; my relatives who came together to put on the stickers on the dorrgifts; all guest who came and be with us on our joyous day :)

will update more on wedding pics soon!

now have to cencentrate on my biz closing for 2012, and ofc work :)
plusss my semi honeymooooon! hahahah if there's such a word :)


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