Monday, 3 December 2012

RATU by Ezuwan Ismail Fashion Show!

finally, another affordable range by famous Malaysian designerrr!

fashion show ni actually right after the SM/SSM seminar haritu, so I had to rush back to change!

tak tahu apa nak pakai actually, but decided on my canary yellow peplum kurung...

held at Royale Chulan Hotel - memang grand sangattt...

thanks to my mentor Salha Zain and Ezuwan Ismail for the invite!~

firstly - fashion show starts at about 9pm....mula-mula models keluar with the shawls and tudung designs by EIKL.... mostly are satin with lace patching types, and also hoodies....comel-comel jugakkk

lepas tu baru the models came out with the baju kurung, jubah, dress pulakkk - seriously banyak yang eyecatching! with great detailing and vibrant colors, priced at RM300-350 jerrrr!

paling sporting bila ada artis-artis turut memeriahkan the runway- diorang pun model kan design EIKL :)

I personally love the red and blue ensemble yang Leuniey pakai that nite - cantikkkk gilaaaa :)

paling best, all the guests dapat cash voucher untuk beli all these designs! 
hehehhe...jangan jealousss

siap je fashion show, then we eattt!
sambil makan, tak sangka ada performance by my fav artiste Misha Omarrrr

cute sangattt Misha, I love her pink skirttt

then as usual la we mingle around, meet the artist, other designers etc....
best dapat banyak new acquaintance!

us with Marsha Milan Londoh

of course gambar wajib with my bestie Wanie
with upcoming top designer FIZIWOO - design diorang very the modern and edgy yo!

ehhh mana boleh balik dulu - kena lah amik gambar with the designer Ezuwan Ismail!

on our way back terserempak Apex with Leuniey kat lobby !
dengan selambenye Wanie ajak diorg amik gambar - and sporting sangat diorang despite it's already midnite!

all in all memang a great day for me!
siang with my biz partners, malam enjoy pulak tengok fashion show with good food and great company !

thanks sangat to my mentor Salha Zain sebab extend the invitation to me!

oklah till laterrr
jangan lupa dapatkan rekaan EIKL kat Ratu boutiques all over Malaysia starting 30 Nov 2012!

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