Tuesday, 22 January 2013

filtering food

Quoting a fellow sister in biz – “If we can’t stand drinking unfiltered water; how can we continue eating unpurified food?”

Based on news, and personal reading – most of us know that our foodstuff nowadays exposes us to harmful toxins, radicals, antibiotics etc…

It’s not easy to remove these harmful things; they just don’t vanish with just rigorous washing – cuci dengan tepunglah, air asam etc…

Not that easyyy babe…

Bayangkan – can you actually allow your children to drink unfiltered tap water?
Errrr- selagi kita mampu ,mesti seboleh-bolehnya we want our family to eat and drink healthy food and water kannn

So now, how can you cook and let you children eat chicken of which has been injected with hormone and antibiotics? And seafood that has been sprayed with formaldehyde to keep them “looking fresh”?

And most children memang prefer to eat chicken! With hormone jab tu, no wonder our young girls have thick “misai” and get their period early – and young boys have man-boobsss!

Yelah- hormone overdose kannnnn


Now I have an option for you !

Sekarang dah canggih, we can just purify our foodstuff with gadgets!

Using the simple PLUG+PLAY concept – BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER can be used to purify meat, chicken, seafood , vege and fruits J

Sonang baitu hehehhe

credit pics to Ida Amira

super easy- u just rendamkan your raw materials in water, then letakkan the seramic tube in the water…pastu just select your desirable settings e.g meat, vege etc

tunggu 15-30 mins, depending on the type of food yang nak purify, then siap!

akan keluarlah segala fatty acid, hormone, free radicals dalam makanan kita...

the goo-ey bubbles macam gambar kat atas tuuu

Personally, I buat one shot after my weekly groceries – then boleh pack siap-siap the purified meat inside my freezer J nak masak nanti dah tak payah nk purify dahhh…senang kan?

The best part is – this food purifier cost a lot LESS than a water filter!

Bagus kan? Dah la affordable, plus it can benefit the whole family J


So make sure you are feeding your family with good, clean food ya!

If you wanna demo – just leave your details using the pink CONTACT ME button or you can SMS or Whatsapp me at 019-339 3340

In sha Allah, let’s try our best to keep our family healthy J

019339 3340

Monday, 21 January 2013

chilli apples!

apekah ituuu?

well today I nak share my current favourite snack - CHILLI APPLES!

seriouslyyy boleh addicted okayyy


i akan bahagikan into a few steps - making it easy for u guys to follow!


Sediakan apples merah atau hijau yang telah dicuci bersih....paling bagus ikut macam i ; kite purifykan apples menggunakan Biozone Food Purifier- supaya wax and pesticides semua telah hilang dari apples2 yang comel dan bulat itu... plus apples2 semua akan lebih crunchy tauuuu!


Potong la apples tu ikut kesesuaian tekak masing2 :)
nak buat potong dadu etc up to u


Taburkan campuran chilli flakes, gula and garam ....boleh beli yang dah siap or boleh buat sendiri...
gaul rata :)

tadaaaa...dah pun siap!

paling best kalo kita sejukkan dalap fridge so that die lebih krup krap lagi ...

try tauuuu...and lemme know if u like it!


Friday, 18 January 2013

Johor, Sabah, Sarawak, KL, Selangor, Kedah?

salam deariesss

just wanna let you know, you can also get Premium Beautiful and Biozone Food Purifier demo and consultation from my biz partners all over Malaysia!

they are experts in Premium Beautiful sizing and also women body shape :)
nak tanya detail-detail pun bolehhhh

Untuk yang kat Sabah/Kedah/Johor, boleh la contact Puan Ina  kat bawah ni....kecil molek je orangnya tapi sangat friendlyyyy :)

Nur Adlina Zaki

012 - 2120695

For those yang dekat Sarawak, come and meet the ever beautiful Premium Beautiful agent Puan Petronellaaa :)
She's a teacher jugak macam Ina ...buat biz secara part time, but super friendly .....
based in Kuching, but orang-orang Sarawak boleh contact Pet for fitting and consult okayyy

Petronella Simson

010 - 408 7557

For Johorians, usha-usha lah blog biz partner i Syiekin :)

memang best sangat blog die, very entertaining about her family and also her life journey :)
okay so, uols yang nak tahu pasal product ke biz ke, dun hesitate to contact Syiekin yerrrr

Syiekin Azam

012 - 6891643

last but not least my latest additions to the KL team, Ainul and Kartika :)
yang dekat area Kota Damansara, Tropicana and Bukit Jelutong, jangan malu-malu nak tanya Ainul pasal Premium Beautiful okayyy

Ainul Asyiqin

019-608 9028

haaa uols yang kat area Klang, Shah Alam pulak boleh contact Kartika tauu....she's a mother of 2 children jugak macam Ainul, and sangat suka berbiz ....my biz partner sume friendly and akan bagi service terbaik kat uols semua tauuu

Kartika Karim

019-856 3520

oraittt...for the full list of my biz partners all over Malaysia boleh refer dekat tab
" Contact my Biz Partners" kat atas tu kayyyy

In this biz, I develop these ordinary but strong ladies to be the best they can be - yelah niat diorang baik untuk buat biz secara jujur plus bantu other ladies kat luar sana yang tercari-cari alternative treatment untuk masalah wanita, nak conceive , nak kurus and macam-macam lagi!

also of course these ladies nak cari income lebih untuk family :)

so uols yang tercari-cari peluang biz yang HALAL dan flexible, jangan malu-malu follow diorang kayyy

in sha Allah - together we will guide you in this journey to give the best for you and family; and also to be a better person :)



019 3393340

Monday, 14 January 2013

Premium Beautiful and Biozone Food Purifier by cash instalment is BACK!

salam dear readers :)

just a short update!

FYI, I have 3 sets of Premium Beautiful and 3 Biozone Food Purifier AVAILABLE  to be purchased via cash instalment for YOU out there!

selalu promo untuk fullcash and credit card je kan...now, it is more affordable untuk uols yang nak dapatkan Premium Beautiful - ikut kemampuan and cashflow uols!

Harga pulak macam mana ehhh?

OK untuk Premium Beautiful:

untuk yang nak buat instalment 5 kali dan ke bawah - I will offer the members price which is RM2,000/2,200 ( kecil /besar)

untuk yang nak buat instalment 6-12 kali - I akan jual at harga retail which is RM2,400/2,600 ( kecil /besar)

i mungkin bukan penjual yang bagi harga termurah, but in shaa Allah, so far I memang akan bagi service yang terbaik untuk uols!

i akan fittingkan personally, and kita akan fitting sampai uols dapat size yg paling uols selesa sekali :) berapa kali fitting pun takpe, janji uols puas hati!

untuk BIOZONE Food Purifier

untuk yang buat instalment 4 kali dan kebawah - I akan bagi members price which is RM1,500

untuk yang nak instalment 5-9 kali - I akan juat at harga retail RM1,750

I akan datang ke rumah uols untuk buat demo Biozone and ajar macam mana nak guna :)
yelahhh Biozone sesuai bukan je untuk purify makanan, malah nk sterilize botol susu anak, untuk purify udara peti sejuk, untuk mandi ozone pun boleh :)

paling penting I akan consistent bagi after sales service to uols- bantu untuk any repairs for Premium Beautiful and also untuk any repairs and maintenance for Biozone :)

**note : penjualan pada harga member hanyalah untuk instalment jangka masa pendek. Pls note that agent anda telah dahulukan duit sendiri untuk beli dahulu produk, dan jual secara instalment kepada anda :) 

FREE GIFT available for the first 3 customers!
so book your set NOW!

 019-339 3340

Thursday, 10 January 2013

post wedding getaway - 5* Escapade part 1

wahhhh tajuk macam iklan Groupon ke ape je kannnn

Anyways, after my wedding memang tak berkesempatan nak pegi proper honeymoon, coz 1 January 2013 dah kena KERJA!

yeeee - life as an accountant sucks !

but we try to have a short getaway - so after our wedding reception kat Felda Villa on Christmas, we checked into the luxurious Grand Hyatt KL :)

Nama pun dah grand kannnn

Actually Mien dah check in dulu petang tu sebab die siap2 kan situ - yelahhh dekat dengan Felda Villa

much thanks to my BFF Awin yang make it happen :)

she wants to make it memorable for us so she booked the hotel etc for usss :)


so my review?

GRAND HYATT really lives up to it's name!
 bukan setakat 5 star biasa-biasa je tau...

room overlooking the famous TWIN TOWERS, spacious and siap ada complimentary 2 glass bottles of EVIAN and chocolates lagi :)

and  the breakfast is superb!
there is a chef at each station - and food choice like no other !

bayangkan breakfast ada sushi and salmon sashimi...porridge is made to order...nak porridge ikan, ayam etc

noodles , eggs pun made to order

siap ada roast beef and roast chicken carved for u lagiii

belgian waffles, pancakes etc pun made to order...


I would really suggest it if you have some money to suprise your spouse for birthday or anniversary - go to GRAND HYATT :)

mahal mmg mahal, but totally worth your money!

and did i told you that the lobby is situated at 39th floor of the building?
 view from lobby pun dah cantikkk

here's some of our pics at the hotel from our wedding photographer Abang Sam :)
this one we took at the hotel lobby

ni inside our own room :)

 taken by my own phone - view from our bed !
us enjoying breakfast!

kalo uols nak tahu, this hotel was featured in Anuar Zain's video Ajari Aku :)

ok cukuplah part 1 dulu k....nanti i sambung about part 2 of our short honeymoon!

till later :)


Friday, 4 January 2013

sup meletop!


uols pernah dengar tak pasal SUP MELETOP?

someone pernah upload kat FB, so i memang curious nak tahu, sedap ke tak :)

and off we went to SUP MELETOP, kat Jalan Gurney....actually ada juga gerai SUP MELETOP kat Langat, tapi nih paling dekat...hehehe


I must say that the soup itself  memang pekatttt - plus sambal kicap tu memang kick!

I ordered bihun sup daging and Mein ordered bihun sup VIP!

Apelah yang VIP tu ehhhh

actually VIP means you can mix anything in your soup!

macam Mein; campur daging, ayam and perutttt 

sesungguhnya I tak bape makan perut sangat; but he loves it!

harga pun sederhana - mine is RM5.50, Mein punya RM6.50 :)


memang kenyang laa for our late supper!

uols yang soup lover out there, u can give it a try :)

ttill laterrr

Ismalina :)

p/s: fancy your own online business franchise?
a HALAL and LEGITIMATE business - be your own BOSS!
spend 2 hours a day and get to earn RM3,000 to RM10,000 a month!

call, Whatsapp or SMS me at 019-3393340 or email at ismalinaishak@gmail.com for consultation :)

or click the CONTACT ME button :)

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