Tuesday, 22 January 2013

filtering food

Quoting a fellow sister in biz – “If we can’t stand drinking unfiltered water; how can we continue eating unpurified food?”

Based on news, and personal reading – most of us know that our foodstuff nowadays exposes us to harmful toxins, radicals, antibiotics etc…

It’s not easy to remove these harmful things; they just don’t vanish with just rigorous washing – cuci dengan tepunglah, air asam etc…

Not that easyyy babe…

Bayangkan – can you actually allow your children to drink unfiltered tap water?
Errrr- selagi kita mampu ,mesti seboleh-bolehnya we want our family to eat and drink healthy food and water kannn

So now, how can you cook and let you children eat chicken of which has been injected with hormone and antibiotics? And seafood that has been sprayed with formaldehyde to keep them “looking fresh”?

And most children memang prefer to eat chicken! With hormone jab tu, no wonder our young girls have thick “misai” and get their period early – and young boys have man-boobsss!

Yelah- hormone overdose kannnnn


Now I have an option for you !

Sekarang dah canggih, we can just purify our foodstuff with gadgets!

Using the simple PLUG+PLAY concept – BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER can be used to purify meat, chicken, seafood , vege and fruits J

Sonang baitu hehehhe

credit pics to Ida Amira

super easy- u just rendamkan your raw materials in water, then letakkan the seramic tube in the water…pastu just select your desirable settings e.g meat, vege etc

tunggu 15-30 mins, depending on the type of food yang nak purify, then siap!

akan keluarlah segala fatty acid, hormone, free radicals dalam makanan kita...

the goo-ey bubbles macam gambar kat atas tuuu

Personally, I buat one shot after my weekly groceries – then boleh pack siap-siap the purified meat inside my freezer J nak masak nanti dah tak payah nk purify dahhh…senang kan?

The best part is – this food purifier cost a lot LESS than a water filter!

Bagus kan? Dah la affordable, plus it can benefit the whole family J


So make sure you are feeding your family with good, clean food ya!

If you wanna demo – just leave your details using the pink CONTACT ME button or you can SMS or Whatsapp me at 019-339 3340

In sha Allah, let’s try our best to keep our family healthy J

019339 3340

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