Thursday, 10 January 2013

post wedding getaway - 5* Escapade part 1

wahhhh tajuk macam iklan Groupon ke ape je kannnn

Anyways, after my wedding memang tak berkesempatan nak pegi proper honeymoon, coz 1 January 2013 dah kena KERJA!

yeeee - life as an accountant sucks !

but we try to have a short getaway - so after our wedding reception kat Felda Villa on Christmas, we checked into the luxurious Grand Hyatt KL :)

Nama pun dah grand kannnn

Actually Mien dah check in dulu petang tu sebab die siap2 kan situ - yelahhh dekat dengan Felda Villa

much thanks to my BFF Awin yang make it happen :)

she wants to make it memorable for us so she booked the hotel etc for usss :)


so my review?

GRAND HYATT really lives up to it's name!
 bukan setakat 5 star biasa-biasa je tau...

room overlooking the famous TWIN TOWERS, spacious and siap ada complimentary 2 glass bottles of EVIAN and chocolates lagi :)

and  the breakfast is superb!
there is a chef at each station - and food choice like no other !

bayangkan breakfast ada sushi and salmon sashimi...porridge is made to order...nak porridge ikan, ayam etc

noodles , eggs pun made to order

siap ada roast beef and roast chicken carved for u lagiii

belgian waffles, pancakes etc pun made to order...


I would really suggest it if you have some money to suprise your spouse for birthday or anniversary - go to GRAND HYATT :)

mahal mmg mahal, but totally worth your money!

and did i told you that the lobby is situated at 39th floor of the building?
 view from lobby pun dah cantikkk

here's some of our pics at the hotel from our wedding photographer Abang Sam :)
this one we took at the hotel lobby

ni inside our own room :)

 taken by my own phone - view from our bed !
us enjoying breakfast!

kalo uols nak tahu, this hotel was featured in Anuar Zain's video Ajari Aku :)

ok cukuplah part 1 dulu k....nanti i sambung about part 2 of our short honeymoon!

till later :)


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