Friday, 4 January 2013

sup meletop!


uols pernah dengar tak pasal SUP MELETOP?

someone pernah upload kat FB, so i memang curious nak tahu, sedap ke tak :)

and off we went to SUP MELETOP, kat Jalan Gurney....actually ada juga gerai SUP MELETOP kat Langat, tapi nih paling dekat...hehehe


I must say that the soup itself  memang pekatttt - plus sambal kicap tu memang kick!

I ordered bihun sup daging and Mein ordered bihun sup VIP!

Apelah yang VIP tu ehhhh

actually VIP means you can mix anything in your soup!

macam Mein; campur daging, ayam and perutttt 

sesungguhnya I tak bape makan perut sangat; but he loves it!

harga pun sederhana - mine is RM5.50, Mein punya RM6.50 :)


memang kenyang laa for our late supper!

uols yang soup lover out there, u can give it a try :)

ttill laterrr

Ismalina :)

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