Friday, 8 February 2013

bibimbap story

apekebenda pulak bibimbap tu kan?

well just nak story mory about this Korean Restaurant yang SUPERRRBBB!

hahahah macam exaggerate giller kannn

well, sebelum ni pernahla sekali dua makan korean food...

but usually just pegi the korean barbecue at Seoul Garden jerrr

i'm quite adventurous in terms of food- meaning i suka try new food!

so when my bestie Nynna suggested this Korean restaurant ...I immediately want to check it out :)

OK  kat mana tempat yang superb ni yerrrr?

Restaurant ni namanya KUNG JUNG - situated at PNB Darby Park ;)

It's a proper restaurant, so jangan lah expect harga makanan korean seperti kat stall2 foodcourt yerrr

on average, to be safe sediakan RM50 per person...most of the dishes can be shared too, so SHARING IS CARING :)

My review:

1- If uols nak murah, take the lunch set - on average its about RM30 plus, includes 10 delicious side dishes, free flow green tea, coffee/ tea and watermelon for dessert

2- try the kimchi soup for those yang suka spicy and masam, and must try the bibimbap!
Bibimbap ni macam nasi goreng but masak in stone without minyakkkk - SO HEALTHY!

3- pada yang ada bajet lebih sikit, try the grilled stuff! I personally love the grilled beef ribs :)

4- Note that the restaurant is closed during siesta - 2.30pm to kiranya die buka for lunch and dinner laaaa :)

So enjoy the pics of us eating delicious, healthy Korean food ( sambil background lagu K-POP hahahah)
i went there twice, once during lunch with hubs n Nynna and another one is dinner with hubs :)

tak sabar tunggu bulgogi masakkkk

bulgogi boilinggg

me and Nynna


bibimbap masa dinner pulakkkk hahahah

kimchi soup

my husband muke poyosss

the side dishesss

tengah2 tu grilled beef ribs - the yummiest!

close up sikit beef ribs :)

menggaul bibimbappp....muke excited kuuuu

lapar n panasss

bibimbap yg dah siap gaulll

jemput2 sila2


sampai ke kerak okayyy pftttt :P

ok thats's all for now...

if uols nak try something all means pegi Kung Jung okayyy

muahhhxxx marvelousss


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