Monday, 18 February 2013

Donation Drive for Muhammad Ziyad Thaqif Bin Mohd Faiz

today I received this mail from our HR in office....

I can imagine the worry and helplessness of parents when you have to fork out such huge amount of money that can determine you child's future

I do hope, if it ever happens to us, we can be ready financially for all possibilities :)

I believe, in the spirit of love, and of 1Malaysia, we can come together and  help each other!
Let's assist my colleague to raise the money for the operation or at least lessen their burden , so that this child can speak and hear, and have a bright future ahead

Dear All,

Our colleague Mohd Faiz Mohd Fauzi who is  part of KL HUB  Team requires  support for his 2 year old son Muhammad Ziyad.

Faiz’s 2-year-old son (Muhammad Ziyad) was diagnosed having hearing impairment since birth by Dr Goh Bee See (HUKM). To enable Ziyad communicate (hear & speak), the Doctor had proposed a cochlear implant surgery (attaching a hearing aid) before he reaches 3 years of age. The cost of the surgery is around RM 77,000.00 & surgery is targeted to be performed on 1st week of April.

With timeline given by the Doctors, it is difficult for Faiz to gather the amount needed… In this regards, we would like to seek your assistance in donating any amount to help Ziyad & Faiz. Any amount will be appreciated. Donation Boxes are now distributed in the HUB & in Rohas Office (for KL HUB, Donation Box is on 6th Floor Reception Area). The team will collect all outcome of this Donation campaign and will hand-over to Faiz by March 1st.

I am very sure a lot of people are willing to help and we are looking forward for your warm support on this “Donation Campaign for Ziyad”.

For those of you who is interested to help, you can straightaway make your donation to this MBB acc:

Akaun Maybank: 152023306488
Akaun Bersama: Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Fauzi / Muhammad Ziyad Thaqif bin Mohd Faiz

any help from all of you out there , is very much appreciated, from the bottom of my heart!
thank you :)


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