Monday, 18 March 2013

burgerbyte yo!

most of the time I do try to avoid processed food / fast food

generally, I prefer food that is freshly prepared or from natural source

kalo nak pegi fast food pun I will take unprocessed ones like porridge ke, or fried chicken etc...

no nuggets or burgers okayyy

but with all the hype of burger bakar nowadays, it's like heavenly for me!

unlike the processed burger patty, burger bakar's patty is usually freshly made, like the ones you have at Chilli's or TGIF

plus it's grilled instead of fried, so it makes it a tad healthierrr hihi

oklah, it will still be considered fast food, but with healthier methods LOL

actually my frens suggested a lot of burger bakar places, but sampai ada yang dekat Wangsa Maju where you have to take your number ( macam dekat bank tu) and wait 2 hours etc

errr....i hate waiting!

so when my uncle and his brother decided to open a burger bakar joint with cafe concept, i'm feeling all yippie inside!

yelah, you know , susah tau nak makan tall burgers sambil duduk tepi jalan kannn

this burger joint with cafe concept is called BURGERBYTE!

now dah ada at 2 places, Ampang Jaya and Sentul :)

seriously, go and try!

it's like gourmet burgers that you have at Chilli's tu, but cheaper of course!

personally i feel the patty memang sedap sangaatttt
meleleh ayaq liur tauuuu

and you can personalise your burger too!
boleh pilih nak patty ayam/daging...

nak 5 tingkat patty pun boleh, tambah cheese, tambah pineapple, tambah nachos etc

and just add RM2.50 for fries and drinks!

you can choose between soft drink and fruit juice for your drink :)

so me and hubs went to the Sentul branch ( Taman Dato Senu, nearby Naili's)

here's us at the scene !

what I had : Nachos with Chilli meat no cheese (RM11) + RM2.50 for fries and mango juice

what hubs got : Cilantro pesto with Chilli meat

reasonably priced gourmet burgers!
mana nak dapat kan?
patty recipe is from actual certified chef a.k.a uncle Nasir  :)

personally I have paid more for burger bakar wannabes yang tak sedap, overcooked, hangus pun ada

this, me, memang worth it!

so go get it tonite ya :)

you guys can like their page on Facebook too!

click this link ya Burgerbyte Facebook

happy Burgerbyte-ing!!!!!


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