Monday, 15 April 2013


the greatest force is MIND!

once your MIND decide on something, your body can stretch to the impossible to achieve it!

another one is LOVE :)

people do extraordinary things for LOVE! Especially love for your family, and children :)

I've learnt in my short 29 years of life that you can't really force someone to CHANGE, it must come from within that person !
same thing now; I've been mentoring a lot of my protégé, but how did different protégé achieve different results?

it's all in the DRIVE , NEED and WANT! Once you know what you want ( deep in your heart and MIND) inshaALLAH your body will follow suit!

sometimes we think that successful people get to where theya re now because they are already rich, have great background, have free time, have the necessary skills etc
you would be surprised that most of those successful people comes from worst circumstances than YOU!

So stop giving excuses and Limits to your potential!

my mentor once told me, remember the time when you wanted to get married?
there are a lot of obstacles; be it family, friends, financial, physical etc
but YOU already set in your heart and mind that YOU MUST GET MARRIED TO HIM!

you will do the extraordinary to get things done, right? Things that you never think that you can do!
but of course there will be blood , sweat and tears to it, but in the end, you will get what you want ( with Allah's blessing and will)
and the reward is sweet :)

In F1 race, the difference of 1st and 2nd place may be just a few seconds, but the reward/prize is actually double!

so, in actual it will not take a lot for you achieve your goal, maybe about 2-3% stretch from where you are now!

Put yourself in that uncomfortable, unfamilliar place - in mind, think that you are doing this for Allah, and for my family :)
that uncomfortable feeling will soon disappear when you adapt, and its sooner than you think!

Think, is this all that I can do? Will I still be here next year? Next 5 years?

SUCCESS is 5% skills, mentors, and other factors--> another 95% is just YOU!



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