Wednesday, 12 June 2013

turning 30

I turned 30 last month

there, said it!

hahah denial tak perempuan tanak tua?


takdelah, actually by now, to me age is just a number :)

tak affect lansung our core self, but more of a benchmark of our achievements 

like, nak kawin before 30, nak anak before 30 , nak jadi jutawan by 40?


hehehe....dah tua2 ni takdelah celebrate sangat birthday2 ni....

takde personal celebration pun dengan hubby, takpelah, when the time comes, kita celebrate ya sayang :)
but we went to Penang for a short trip...oklah tu dari takde...
at least i had fun beli jeruk Pak Ali! hahahah

but my colleague celebrated in advance ( coz i took leave on 23rd and 24th tu also was a public hol) sweet i got supercute balloon n cake!

and my besties belanja lunch at Tony Roma's :) and we tooks some polaroid pics to commemorate the lunch! 
mmg cute sangatttt!!!!

RVC cuppies from Just Heavenly which is so heavenly!

plus special notes on each polaroid we took!

(excuse my no makeup /bare faces on all photos above!)

best things about birthdays is the get together; ppl making time to meet up for a special occassion!

from the bottom of my heart, thanks for being there for me these 30 years; my family, husband, friends, biz partners and TLC, passersby and acquaintance...

you made me who I am today; and for that I am blessed :)

i'm lucky that by 30, I have learnt to stop complaining, be a positive person , having great outlook of life even in the worst situation!

plus alhamdulillah I managed a few milestone this year; being a wife and a mother perhaps?

what about you?

have a thought and feel thankful of the thing you have achieved and working to achive :)


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