Wednesday, 14 August 2013

TLCC Doa Selamat and Soft Opening and Iftar :)

sorry for the late update...busy betul towards the end of Ramadhan n biasalah, raya activities kannn :)

well this Ramadhan has been quite hectic, with work load kat office yang menggila and crazy deadlines

and with the pregnancy, my gastric agak teruk some days so, tak dapat nak puasa penuh :(

but alhamdulillah, hubs has been helping a  lot around the house...

and I don't have to cook for berbuka since hubs berbuka kat masjid everyday :)

kalo kena masak pun memang tak sempat sbb everyday balik pkul 6.30pm from office !

so I only cook for sahur...

biz still on masa Ramadhan walaupun I hadkan sikit activity...coz nowadays cepat letih kannn

but masih sempat fittingkan 5 cash buyers Premium Beautiful the last week before raya :)

alhamdulillah , rezeki !

so dalam kehidupan yang hectic, and nak mengejar amalan Ramadhan, syukur alhamdulillah another milestone for TLCC dapat kami fulfill!



lagi best coz we share our happiness with orphans and tahfiz students , and double blessings coz it coincides with Ramadhan :)

we had 1 week to organize the event, raising funds for the homes - Pusat Jagaan Ummul Qura (Bukit Beruntung) and Maahad Tahfiz Darul Ulum Wal Isnad (Sunway Batu Caves)

we collected over RM20,000  - thanks to all our TLC members support and effort, collecting between us and also extending the opportunity to others who wanted to contribute !

in TLC, it's always from TLC to TLC!

we even get sponsors between TLC members  for our Iftar spread, Nasi Beriani Gam Putrajaya !

sedap bangat, thanks to all sponsors!

mmg berganda pahala mereka yang jamu orang berpuasa :)

so alhamdulillah, duit yang kumpul tu dapat bagi sepenuhnya pada the homes, plus boxes of food and material contributions from TLC members!

alhamdulillah, in the new direction for TLC, this new biz culture of giving back , helping others ( in TLC and our community) - semoga rezeki biz kami lebih berkat dan dilimpahi rahmat ..

and inshaAllah,we will commit to continuously give back to the society, bukan je masa Ramadhan!

and with our new center, inshaAllah we will develop more online and social media enterpreneurs, providing more classes and support to be a successful omnipreneur!

 doakan usaha kami ya!


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