Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mummy's Birthday Celebration at Marhaba Restaurant, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

salam deariess

just nak share some of my activities these days, this celebration of my mother's birthday was on 5th Nov 2013 :)

so happy 56th birthday mummy !

alhamdulillah, she's showered by love from many people...

in the morning, her AJK Wanita came to the house and  brought pulut kuning cake :)

so sweetlah these aunties...sampai mummy nangis pulak sebab terharu


actually our family is not big on celebration, so sometimes these surprise really made her day :)

sampai penuh rumah my parents yang tak berapa besar tu hehehe

terima kasih daun keladi to these lovely ladies for making my mom happy on her 56th birthday :)

hanya Allah mampu membalas ...

ok nak celebrate birthday mummy ni, I dah book for dinner actually kat Marhaba Restaurant in Solaris Dutamas....but bapak kata, its better if semua anak2 ada, so we changed to lunch instead (eventho I was working on Awal Muharam!)

takpelahh....sekali-sekala ada family event, kita sacrifice la sikit kannnn

luckily my working arrangements are quite flexi, so I took about 2 hours lunch break heheheh

then, rupa-rupanya on the same day, Wanita Hari Ini from TV3 buat live telecast kat sana, and we almost had to cancel the reservation!

luckily Marhaba Restaurant let us have our lunch in the VIP room, so that tak mengganggu live telecast tu :)

tapi takleh bising2 lah kannn heheheh

surprisingly, the restaurant siap decorate the room, put up balloons and HAPPY BIRTHDAY signage lagi...FOC je hehehe

the ambience is really pleasant, mcm fine dining mmg sesuai kalo nk buat private events kat sini...

food wise, mmg sedap! plus we got to have the promo  - buy 1 Lamb Hanith (RM78) and get Chicken Mandy or Chicken Mazbi for RM1 !

we ordered 4 portions - 2 lamb and 2 chicken, the mulauwah bread (giant size!) and 2 gravy dish (prawn and lamb) untuk makan dengan roti besar tuuu

Of course each plate boleh sharing 2 takyahlah tamak nak amik sorang satu kannn

so enjoy the picsss :)

I would really recommend this restaurant, very friendly staff, and siap bagi complementary dessert/cake lagiii....

besar kan VIP room diaaa - you can request at no extra charges !

excited tengok roti mulauwah besar ni- RM12 jee

siap ada decor lagi...thanks to Marhaba Restaurant!

muka-muka lapar...yang my hubs tengah cedok tu is the lamb hanith ...very tender tauu...MUST TRY!

Bapak gout, so makan ayam jerr...tapi kuah ni is kuah lamb utk makan dengan rotiii...

sorang satu amik mango lassi...sedap...tak manis sangat as they use fresh mango

complimentary dessert - ice cream from the restaurant...

i bought cupcakes from Bisou....padahal masa ni semua dah kenyangggg hihihi

the clan - minus Ahmad Firdaus and Ahmad Asraf & Hidayah

my future SIL Hani siap belikan chocs and flowers lagi utk mummy...eventho diorg houseman kan sibukkk...hehehe 

so many entries nak tulis, hopefully I get some free time to start blogging regularly after this !

till laterrrr


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