Wednesday, 7 May 2014

happy 33rd anniversary to my parents!

1 May 2014, they have been married for 33 years!

gosh, lama kannn

kita baru kawin setahun lebih pun rasa macam -macam dugaan :)

i believe they have been through ups and downs, membesarkan kami 6 beradik dengan blood , sweat, tears and money hahaha

alhamdulillah, semua anak-anak mak & bapak dah besar and ada kerjaya sendiri

myself a Chartered Accountant

my brother Syafiq a Doctor

my brother Asraf a Pilot

my brother Budin an Interior Architect

my twin brothers Firdaus and Faisal, just graduated from Akademi Laut Malaysia and inshaALLAH will be embarking their journey as seafarers

tak tahu whether I can survive motherhood and parenthood as successful as them :)

we all wish we can give and be the best for our children...

let's keep on praying for sanity and persistence and rezeki to be good parents, wife, daughter :)

p/s: i ordered this devil's food chocolate cake from @juemalizan (follow her on Instagram!)
yummy and tak mahal sangat :)


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