Thursday, 19 June 2014

my cheeky Safiyyah : turning 5 m.o

just a quick update about Fya :)

It's been 2 months since I started working again after the 3months maternity leave baby is now approaching 5 months!

now Fya dah pandai rollover, and sangatlah riang :)

betullah orang kata, having a child can be the best thing that happen to you...

bila balik penat dari kerja, dari biz appointment, tengok anak jer, rasa berbaloi semua tu :)

tak kisah pun buat kerja hakiki + biz, coz i know, i buat semua ni untuk masa depan family i, and anak i

Everyday, I have something to be thankful about :)

Syukur ya Allah, I have great parents who loves my child and caring for her everyday 
and Safiyyah loves being with them too!

Thanks to my parents Datin Sharifah Salmah Syed Agil & Datuk Ishak Abd Rahman for lovingly caring for Fya during my working time, even sometimes extra hours when I go to biz class ..

plus my parents takde maid, so, memang actually diorang la yang menelek fya 10-12 hours on weekdays
it's so much comfort to know that our child is in safe hands , ain't it?


i'm sure you have something to be thankful about :)

say it out loud !


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