Thursday, 16 April 2015

Business activities updates!

eh...and assalamualaikum :)
busy betul lately, i've been neglecting my blogggg

so sorryyy!

well, now, I should have more time to blog, coz, finally, I'm a full time mumpreneur!

took me a while to decide, but, what the heck, this biz with Top Leaders Circle had been giving me solid income , especially in the past year! 

so yes, no more salary, but HELLO BIG BONUS!

inshaAllah, I am confident of the rezeki from Allah, and alhamdulillah, I have more time for my family activities too!

no more emergency leave when you have family ad hoc stuff, medical leave just because your child is sick

and taking annual leave just because you are so tired with office work - and spent the whole day sleeping at home and looking after your baby instead of a holiday!

so how's my new routine?

i kept my day as a typical working day - coz I still have work obviously!
however, I choose where I work, when I go out and when is my ' weekend'

nowadays I usually take Monday as my day off and Sunday afternoon as my family time
but it can change , depending on my business needs

I work 4-6 hours daily (as in going out to meet Premium Beautiful client, or coaching my protege, or re-stocking at the stockist!)

i usually avoid traffic , going out at 9 or 10am if I have morning appointments, else, lunchtime, the typical time when I meet my clients


I will spend time at home, managing house chores, playing with Safiyyah, updating my social media and blog, replying emails and Whatsapp

quite okay right?

in between my appointments, I can go do shopping groceries, eat with friends, visit old pals, go to kelas mengaji !

the start of #timefreedom for me :)

most people want time freedom, but they say, they don't have the skills to do business, or go freelance

i did not too!

i recognize this business with TLC as a start point for me to acquire new skills, like selling products and ideas, mentoring a group ogf people, managing my own website, social media marketing , and many more?

and I started this while I was still working, mind you!

only this biz allows and is flexible enough for you to prep yourself, before you are ready to be a fulltime mumpreneur

and with this biz, even whilst part time, you can be BIG!

It's different for example, if you are doing part time baking or selling cakes & pastries, your own time and resources are limited, and you still have your office job to attend to!

but in this biz, it's TEAMWORK! If each person in a team spends 2 hours a day, say you have 5 ppl in your team - your biz operates 10 hours a day! from wherever your team are!
and that does not even take into consideration, you have a 24-7 website fully running  (my was built from scratch, courtesy of TL mentors!)

here's some pics of my business activities...inshaAllah, being busy means business is doing GOOD!
can't wait for my next 5 figure income AGAIN with TLC!

 restocking Premium Beautiful Corset ! new onesss fresh form the oven!
meeting up with client, mentoring my business partners
personal coaching with my mentor Izyan Liyana

restocking Premium Beautiful Elegance - these are booked sets !
TLC Class every Friday!
awarsds event!
class, class , classs every week! and it's FREE!1
my mornings- having breakfast and updating blog!
personal coaching with my protege
meeting up my friends :)
 meet up with young entrepreneurs!

call/Whatsapp 019-339 3340


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